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Occasionally a post here will generate a lot of traffic. With that we sometimes get rambling illiterate responses posted as comments. There appears to be a correlation.

When anyone posts a comment here at Show Me Progress their email and IP addresses are attached to the comment.

All comments are held in moderation until approved. Illiterate responses are held in perpetuity – they won’t appear with the original post. However, we can and have devoted “Meta” posts mocking such content.

Early this morning:

[….] you are and idiot you need to go live with BRAINDEAD biden because if this covid was so bad where is all the contamination barrels at so that all the contaminated mask and shit can be put because you see them laying on the ground and in shopping carts and they have them laying out where everyone walks by them so all those germs get on them and it is funny how certain people get it and alot don’t I have never wore a mask never been tested never been sick and guess what I am from Missouri you all are a bunch of snowflakes that worry way to much we would rather live our life free from mask and all the bullshit than to hear all the democrats saying you have to do this forcing people is not American so if you want live like that move to where you can live in communism go

Bless their heart.

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.


17,124 Missourians could not be reached for comment (February 1, 2022)

299 former residents of Stone and Taney Counties could not be reached for comment (February 1, 2022)