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Occasionally a post here will generate a lot of traffic. With that we sometimes get rambling illiterate responses posted as comments. There appears to be a correlation.

When anyone posts a comment here at Show Me Progress their email and IP addresses are attached to the comment.

All comments are held in moderation until approved. Illiterate responses are held in perpetuity – they won’t appear with the original post. However, we can and have devoted “Meta” posts mocking such content.

One from today:

We are doing well here in Branson Missouri! And if you go to the local hospitals here where are the patients that are deathly ill??? Empty as empty can be!!! I believe you have an agenda for writing your post as well sir and your vote we can do without!! If it’s a deadly virus then we should be properly disposing them instead of wearing the same ones daily lol come on now we all should know how viruses spread and wearing masks is not the answer here and also we wear the same clothing weekly in and out of schools, Walmart, hospitals and wow nothing is being said on how to properly wash our clothes or disposing of our own clothes lol sad people think that wearing a masks and getting the 50th shot is going to stop a deadly virus as the dummies of the white house is stating lol and did you read where biden has exempt his own staff from the vaccine?? Okaaayyy please use what brain cells you all have left and really look at what’s happening!!

We rest our case.

Missouri DHSS:

Cox Health in Branson:


17,124 Missourians could not be reached for comment (February 1, 2022)