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Visiting Missouri.

Last night:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
At Missouri State Lincoln Days tonight listening to the keynote speaker, my favorite person in the world, my beautiful wife Erin
9:40 PM · Feb 11, 2022

Some of the comments:

I’m shocked you’re in Missouri. How many donors are you meeting before you go home to Virginia?

Are you staying at a VRBO during your visit to Missouri?

Ever try listening to your constituents?

Your first visit to Missouri since your election, love???

Nope. He flew in on a private jet a few weeks ago to meet with some donors.

Are you on vacation from your home in Virginia?

Thanks for visiting Missouri. Will you be returning home to Virginia tomorrow?

You both make the trip back from VA to attend?

How long was the drive from Virginia to Missouri.

Was tonight Virginia night?

And after they went back home……to VA. Nice for the 3rd senator of VA to visit our great state.

You’re in Missouri?

How’d you find it? Did you need a guide to visit such a foreign place?


Wow you’re in Missouri

How does it feel to be grossly unfit to hold office?

No body cares, traitor

Dude you don’t even live here. Fucking go away.

You’re a disgrace to your country and probably a traitor. We see you.

Insurrectionist grifter garbage says what?

Lincoln would be horrified by today’s GOP junior. You ever read his stuff? Nah. Too complicated. You idiot.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].