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Yesterday, via Twitter, from Eric Greitens (r):

Eric Greitens @EricGreitens
Ever watch someone walk right up to a 280 lb. Mama Black Bear guarding her cubs? I saw it today. Pretty crazy. We went to Howell County to spend the morning with state workers on the Black Bear Project. Awesome to see the work of our conservation team.
5:52 PM – 6 Mar 2018

Some of the replies are priceless:



Cute! Resign.

Really gearing up for the court date good luck

Did you use duct tape and a camera? Asking for a friend.

Well, that should work to distract the state!


They’ve invested a lot in you. #Familyvalues is a cute platform.

That’s not how you spell bare.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

You had it all. Educated, military background, nonprofit with a true mission, family, even an appearance with Stephen Colbert And your narcissistic personality took over, you threw it all away when you sided with trump and chose to have an affair.

Missouri deserves better

Did they need to #blackmail him to pose for these photos? #Resign — Missouri doesn’t trust you!

Fifty Shades Of Grietens

Were you blindfolded? #GreitensResign

Well, was the bear tied up at the time?

Wha? Are you still here? Resign, we deserve better.

Really…don’t you have more important things to do

Did u take photos? Duct tape? #Cheater #50shadesofgreitens

Have you ever photographed a bare ass.

Delete your account.

Just pretending you’re not a criminal scumbag doesn’t make it go away.

You’re still a scumbag

For a second, I almost forgot what a douchebag you were. Almost. [….]


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