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Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].

Yesterday on social media, from Mark Alford (r):

Congressman Mark Alford
[November 15, 2023]
As I’m sure most of you know, last night, the House of Representatives voted on a continuing resolution that would extend current levels of federal funding through January and February.
While I do support our new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, I could not in good faith support this legislation.

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Your Party initiated the mess long before this extension.
You can’t govern when the Party in Majority can’t get their act together and get their job done!
Quit making excuses for your failing Party .
Once again, the Democrats come through for their Constituents.

again, not thinking this through, but you’re a college dropout and a former Faux Spews local anchor! That says it all. Your no vote would have delayed funds for Israel, delayed salaries for border employees, delayed salaries for FAA employees during Thanksgiving and on and on! Here’s a tip Marky! Raise the corporate tax rate and wealthy tax brackets to get more revenue into the system? Don’t you think lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% permanently wasn’t a smart move Marky?


May I ask which programs you recommended cutting and by how much as part of your committee assignments (defense, agriculture, and small business)? The salami slice percentage funding cuts discussed as part of the continuing resolution process are the least effective way to cut budgets.

You mean roll back the Bush and Trump tax cuts for the rich?
We dont have a spending problem. We have a rich dont pay their taxes problem.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! If the Republicans would quit giving tax breaks to the wealthy, paying for wars on a credit card, putting tariffs on imports, and then bailing out farmers because the tariff war hurt the farmers’ income,
the deficit would be considerably smaller if not erased altogether.
But hey, let’s shut the government because of your party’s failures.

The GOP has put into spending bills amendments to reduce pay of 3 Biden Admin officials to $1.
All 3 are LGBT.
What next LGBT people will have to wear pink stars?

“…Man, that’s just mean. That’s mean, man.,,,”

Some sent you to congress to use common sense and to do what is beneficial to the country. You can’t just shut down the country as the world leader with two main wars going on and so many needs of our country. Please compromise and not side with the ultra right wing of the Republican Party. They, along with Trump are trying to destroy our country by lies, deceit, and false narrative that Democrats are socialist
I could hardly believe what I saw happen on January 6,2021. This just doesn’t happen in USA, I thought.

Partisan Hack. Missouri deserves better.

So let me get this straight. The GOP got rid of their Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, because he dared push through a continuing resolution on the budget with the help of mostly Democrats. So after cycling through four possible other leaders, they pick a guy with zero experience and tons of skeletons, who then proposes and pushes through…a continuing resolution on the budget with the help of mostly Democrats. Genius.

the first thing that should be done is to pass the bill to tax the extremely wealthy so that they pay their fair share. Then vote against defunding the IRS so that they can continue to collect money from the tax cheats. The finding for the IRS pays for itself 3 fold!

So you favor unpaid border patrol agents?

just look at how your republican party is functioning together. They act like morons fighting each other.

Tell us you don’t understand math and honoring commitments without telling us.
How much debt was run up and remains due and payable from trump, tax cuts and losses incurred because of a poor response to a pandemic? How much time have republicans wasted by Not putting forth an Immigration policy overhaul? How much will continue to rack up at increased interests because of republicans infighting, kidney punching, go no where investigations, loss of Military advancements because of one wacko, and costly repairs to diplomatic relationships and busted trade agreements by trump and republicans?


Mark Alford (r): continuing to vote for chaos (November 15, 2023)