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Eric Burlison (r), too.

Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].

Yesterday, in the House of Representatives – on actually doing their job before Friday:

H R 6363 2/3 YEA-AND-NAY 14-Nov-2023 5:46 PM
QUESTION: On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass, as Amended
BILL TITLE: Further Continuing Appropriations and Other Extensions Act, 2024

—- YEAS 336 —

Graves (MO)
Smith (MO)

—- NAYS 95 —



[emphasis added]

On Monday, from Mark Alford (r):

Congressman Mark Alford
November 13 at 4:20 PM
We were so excited to be back in Raymore today for Mondays with Mark. We are always happy to discuss the things that matter most to you!

There was much hilarity in the responses:

How about talking about Trump’s Nazi rhetoric?

Rump doesn’t respect the military. Why do you support him Mark?

Congressman Mark Alford maybe next Monday you can talk about how Jenna Ellis just cooked your idol Don the Con’s goose? How about you getting spending bills passed? [….]

How bout you go back to work and pass a spending bill

Alford voted against it. [….]

Chalk one up for chaos.

Did any of your visitors have a budget proposal for you, perhaps? Someone needs to do the work and it doesn’t appear as though you’re the right person for the job.

maybe next time, y’all can elect someone who knows how to prepare an actual budget and not risk a government shut down?

Rescinding the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and clawing back PPP funds (or at least making them taxable) would be good first steps to balancing the budget.

So Alford demonstrates how he is working for 4th District constituents by waving around the letter he wrote to FEMA regarding hospital reimbursements and follows it up by voting against the CR that would fund the FEMA payroll for the FEMA workers who would process the reimbursements.
A real smart feller!

you were one of the 95 that would rather see the Government have a shutdown right before Thanksgiving? 336 voted to pass the stopgap bill, but you’d rather side with Boebert, Gaetz, Greene and other wackos? Even Scalise and your recent guest Scott voted in favor of the bill! You’re a disgrace to the US Congress! [….]

This shows just how incompetent our representative is. Encountered means the CBP is doing their job. Alford’s continual bashing of our CBP agents is unacceptable. These agents put their lives on the line every day while Mark Alford posts on Twitter and Facebook , does TV, radio, and his little YouTube shows. The Govt shuts down the 17th and this is what our tax dollars is doing. Notice his little repost of him getting thanked for doing more media BS.

You forgot to mention his letters.

of course. How could I forget the strongly worded letters!!

That paper is sharp! The way he waves it around with such fury and flourish, someone’s gonna get a paper cut from it!

Did you see any “Vermin” there? Are Vermin allowed to voice their opinion? How do you feel about the rhetoric spurting out if it’s mouth?

Trump is literally quoting Hitler and Mark Alford remains silent.

Maybe Alford could write a letter.

There you go.