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Mark Alford
[October 25, 2023]
Our new speaker, Mike Johnson

Some of the comments:

What do you know about him Mark? Is he decent, a waffle, what? Most of us have never heard of him until yesterday.

That tells you something.

He has a Liberty Score of C, which is meh. But he is for single topic bills and to reel in the spending, he is supposed to release the J6 tapes and wants secure borders. Not anyone I had thought of, but I like that he did not have political aspirations like McCarthy. promising everyone everything. I don’t think we will agree with all that he does…. like with any other person, but he is a decent pick.
Now we just have to address the fact that Mark signed a pledge to a party…. the only pledges he should be taking are to the Constitution and to his constituents.

Mark (r) isn’t pure enough for the base, evidently.

CNN don’t like him!! That’s a good sign..

Don’t know him….prayers for you,the nation and things to come!!!

CNN don’t like him ! Good sign..

So, he is not only an election denier but defended Trump in his impeachment trials. He is an evangelical who thinks the separation of church and state is supposed. You took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, and you think voting for Mike Johnson and making him speaker of the House does that?
Great. More Chaos. I bet he shuts down the government for fun next month. I bet if he doesn’t, Matt Gaetz throws him out like McCarthy again. Bets on what our sovereign credit score will be next year.
I think it’s nuts that the GOP has the impression that this will not affect the election next year. Insanity.

Biden took an oath to defend the constitution and the sovereignty of the United States of America 🇺🇸 and lion what his doing to America … stop you hypocrisy!!! America is being invaded under this demented old criminal who is destroying America.. MAGA 24. .. remember that Hillary Clinton is an election deniers and not one same nothing about it.. double standards..


he also supports forced birth with no exceptions.

A hate-filled election denier – perfect leader for today’s Republicans. Sad that there are 33 Republican women in the House and it was a race between a bunch of white guys who worship a false idol.

There you go.


YEA-AND-NAY 25-Oct-2023 1:50 PM
QUESTION: Election of the Speaker


—- JOHNSON (LA) 220 —

Graves (MO)
Smith (MO)

—- JEFFRIES 209 —


Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].


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