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After last night:

“…As House Republicans struggle to govern, the party suffered another black eye Thursday evening when Majority Leader Steve Scalise abruptly withdrew from the speaker’s race amid hardened opposition from more than a dozen holdouts…”

Last week:

Congressman Mark Alford
[October 6, 2023]
Above the Speaker’s rostrum, and above the flag of the United States of America, are four words: In God We Trust.
I’m trusting God that he is going to raise up the next Speaker of the House.
There is divine providence in all of this and we will have someone who is ready to help us lead the country.

Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].

Some of the responses to Mark Alford (r):

Pretty sad when Republicans are so incapable of functioning they now want to sit around and make God do the work for them.

We don’t need your hypocritical evangelical intervention in government.

[….] I wonder why he didn’t raise up the right speaker the first time

There’s that.

Those words have no business being there. They were adopted in 1956 after the communist witch hunts. They were NOT the words of any founding father. If you’re relying on a deity to make something happen, you shouldn’t be holding your position.
E pluribus unum is wholly appropriate.

There’s that.

Kevin is a traitor he should never have got in the office sent you guys home and then goes and works back door midnight meetings while you’re all away
get a spine
Cancel all your holiday breaks rally the troops in DC you think the Democrats spend this much time bickering amongst them selfs they’re constantly three steps ahead of you turn around laughing at us

“…they’re constantly three steps ahead of you turn around laughing at us…”

There’s that.