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Cue the circus music.

Olivia Beavers @Olivia_Beavers
“Absolutely not,” said Rep. Ann Wagner, a Scalise ally, when I asked if she will support Jordan for speaker.

“Yesterday in conference, he gave the most disgraceful, ungracious – I can’t call it a concession speech – of all time. There were gasps in the room.”
8:33 PM · Oct 12, 2023

….Wagner then recalled another moment that lost Jordan her support. It took place during a private meeting between Scalise and Jordan, less than an hour after the majority leader won the House GOP’s internal speaker ballot. Wagner wasn’t in the room, but she remained outside in Scalise’s office and took in the immediate aftermath.

According to Wagner and other House Republicans briefed on the meeting, Jordan said to Scalise: “You get one ballot. And when you go down, you will nominate me.”

She said Scalise pushed back, arguing he had won by the conference rules, to which Jordan replied: “America wants me,” before storming out the door….

Whatever, Ann (r). You helped build this.


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