The third senator from Virginia, Josh Hawley (r), has complaints.


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Senator Josh Hawley
[October 13, 2023]
“This is the second time in two years now, Sean, where we’ve had Americans who are stranded in a war zone, and the [Biden] Administration seems to have no idea what to do.”

Some of the responses:

Bud – you’re a day or two late and a french fry short… just stop.

Josh – You are late in your posting or just working for votes. [….]

Wow joshie is such a fool, I guess he believes that Biden personally attacked Isreal?

Ever notice how we go from 1 crisis to another? House can’t find a speaker? Hamas attacks Isreal this week? It’s because we have no leader to drive this country? He is not even in the back seat…more like the trunk! He can’t even read notes from his handlers? A real President would lock the house in and release them when they come to consensus! A real President would show peace thru strength, not fund and release sanctions to Iran to fund Hamas? We are living thru Chaos thru weakness!

“…A real President would lock the house in and release them when they come to consensus!…”

Ooo, gee, well your hero trump just praised Hamas sooo, I guess it’s time to change your position? It’s sooo hard to take a stand when your leader changes his position on whether they fawned over him enough or not…

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check. Arraignment. Check.

Why don’t we have senior military and middle east ambassadors confirmed & working?

You could ask Tommy Tuberville (r).

So Senator what would your solution be to evacuating AMCITS from a war zone? BTW we are talking approximately 500K who live in Isreal, and how many tourists are there? There isn’t enough air or sea lift in the world to evacuate them quickly. They are competing with other nations for the same assets. Where do they go to be processed and tracked where they are not a target? How many teams will be needed to go in and work the processing centers and where do they come from? How do they get food, water, medical, and where do they bed down? What do we do with AMCITS who do not want to leave? Oh and what about the same questions in Lebanon? BTW the DOS and military have been working the problems as immediately directed by the POTUS. Maybe if we had an Ambassador there to take charge which is one of their jobs. Unfortunately that nomination has been held up in the Senate. Leaders come with ideas and solutions, not political theater and sound bites. Maybe we should be trying to work together instead of making more divisive political statements. WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OR SOLUTION SENATOR?

The Fox Noise Machine is fake news and anti-American propaganda, numnuts.

Correct but it is also where Hawley likes to campaign instead of working for people of Missouri and the nation.

Wow Senator, are you seriously this misinformed, or just lying? Iran hasn’t received any of that money and their government will never see a penny of it. And President Biden is sending chartered planes to evacuate Americans as we speak.


Run Josh run. Your rioting buddies are getting near. What a chickenshit

These kids listen to marxist teachers/professors and believe everything they are being indoctrinated with. They do not even try to research or go back in history and learn anything. Very gullible very ignorant.

Of course this opportunistic little pissant old fist pump is going to try to score political points off this human tragedy

You are a sick lying fraud and just pathetic. The lies here you tell are not what is happening as we have heard from the people of Israel you sick FIST pumping traitor. You need to be removed from Congress. You are a danger to the truth and the facts. You cult people are just sick.

[….] Hey, manly man, why don’t you go rescue them? You seem to have all the answers.

He’s got chartered flights lined up.
He’s doing more than you seditionists are.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].