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Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].


Mark Alford
[October 16, 2023]
In case there is any doubt…. I’m FULLY supporting Jim Jordan for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Jim embodies the conservative values that I and our district hold dear. I encourage ALL my Republican colleagues to vote for Jim and let’s get on with the business of leading!!!!

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Does He put God 1st

Does He love God

I usually add a little onion powder to my Mac and Cheese.

Ask the Missouri farmers if they know Jim Jordan has never voted in favor of the farm bill!

“Jim Jordan hasn’t passed a single bill in his 16 years of congress. Who else agrees he’s far too ineffective to be Speaker?

I completely agree. Not sure why anyone thinks he is a good choice.

Gym Jordan are you kidding me. Ask some of the wrestling team in Ohio how they feel.

That’s very promising for a Democrat takeover of the house in 2024. Thanks for all of your effort.

The fact that as a coach he knew about, or at least had enough information to be highly suspicious of sexual abuse happening to his college students, and yet did nothing at all to investigate or prevent further abuse doesn’t bother you one teeny tiny bit? Doesn’t make you question his leadership skills or integrity at all? Or are you willing to overlook that deficiency?

[….] Wasn’t he wholeheartedly involved in attempting to overthrow democracy and trashing the constitution to keep a narcissistic in power also?

Jordan was prolific in the attempted trump coup, and should have been drummed out of Congress Jan 7th. He is completely unqualified to serve in any capacity. Jordan is a traitor to this country.
The fact Mark Alford supports Jordan tells you exactly what he’s going to do in any trump repeat, he’s going to work to overthrow the current democracy. You’re unfit to serve, Mark Alford, you’re a traitor.

Hard no on Gym Jordan, traitorous insurrectionist and known pedophile enabler!!!
Dennis Hastert, Jerry Sandusky and Larry Nassar all agree with you and the Grand Old Party of pedophilia’s choice though.
Because Gymmie also failed the students under his charge. He failed to protect them from molestation and he refused to back them when they asked for his help. It was his JOB to help them and he failed them.
Just like he’s failed in his Committee Chair. Maybe if he’d actually passed the Bar Exam instead of failing it 3 times, he might have been competent enough to run the Judiciary Committee. If he had earned his law degree, he might understand how the rules work. He doesn’t.
Just think about how badly he’ll fail us if Speaker!!!

Insurrectionist can never be trusted again.

I’m very disappointed with this news. He supported the idea that the election was bogus, the January 6 insurrection, where police officers lost their lives due to the attack on the nation’s capitol, and has morals that are not what Republicans used to support. Why not try to get a bipartisan candidate who can lead Congress in the path where our country actually is working for the good of our nation? Very disappointing, indeed. Of course, this path will continue to divide our government and little will be accomplished in the next few years. The US has become the laughing stock of the world for our inability to work for the future of all Americans.

Jim Jordan covered up sexual abuse. He is the perfect fit to lead Republicans in the House. Sexual assault is a prerequisite for Republican leaders these days.

I’m concerned because Jim Jordan isn’t known for passing legislation or working with Democrats or Senators. That’s pretty much the job description of Speaker. How is he going to be at crafting bills that reflect the majority, don’t alienate the other side, and can also pass the Senate? We don’t need a Speaker who just obstructs until the next election.

Mark Alford (r) considers that a feature, not a bug.

When did sexual abuse cover up become a Conservative value?

Not exactly stellar endorsements there.


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