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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday, from Josh Hawley (r):

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Senator Josh Hawley
[August 9, 2023]
Hawley scolds Biden official after comments on Manhattan Project-era radiation: ‘Put up or shut up’

Some of the responses:


Does he EVER say anything positive other than about himself? Ever? Once again, social media team, you need to vary these posts. I mean, I realize you might have to make up up stuff to put him in a positive light but you make stuff up all the time so no big deal there. Honestly sometimes you are his worst enemy. Either way his constant whining and griping really make him tiring, boring and irrelevant.

[….] no he doesn’t. Only about himself and trump. And he doesn’t do anything either but make noise.

My weasel just saw Josh’s picture and began humping the screen.

Please stop pretending to be a defender of DEMOCRACY when you knowingly shill for a fascist cult that tried to steal an election to install a DICTATOR against THE WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE.

If Hawley said that to the witness, he shows us exactly what a petty and small minded “man” he is. Of course, the communities that have been exposed should be compensated but he doesn’t have to be a bully but then we all know how bullies run when confronted…..#RunJoshHawleyRun

Hawley is a petty man… enough said. #runjoshierun

Actually, that could be said, with equal, or maybe more, honesty about the so-called ‘evidence’ your party claimed for overturning the 2020 election and for convicting President Biden on social media of any wrongdoing, or the many unfulfilled promises you and other Republican candidates, including trump, made, or all of the complaining about problems you never had a plan to fix.

Fun fact: Jack Smith has 86 witnesses against Trump and not a single one is a Democrat!!

Senator, your bill has not been approved by the House as yet, so there is only so much Granholm can do at this point as no money can be appropriated for the clean up until the House does pass your bill. Why are you not pushing McCarthy to act?

Huff and Puff…then run away…

I’m sure she’s so upset to be “scolded” by Mr Manhood. [….]

Lil boy is still at it …. and there are those that think he’s helping … USA has really been dumbed down and especially in MO

Now you’re scolding people?!?
Stop the bs and do your job or resign

So she’s doing what you want? She can’t do her job? I don’t get what you’re feigning anger about.

[….] for his MAGA voters. The problem has been around since Truman, but Hawley wants to blame Biden for it.

You “scold” someone? What a manly thing do to Joshy. No one cares what you say you pinhead. Will be glad to have a brave patriot in the office you sit in and not a coward traitor.

This is a deeply sick “man.” An egotistical, narcissistic, fist pumping traitor trying to cover up his sick BS with more BS. The desperation always shows on his face and is heard in his fake effusive delivery of nonsense.


Old Fist Pump is too much of a child to scold anybody.

Coming from running insurrectionist Hawley is funny as hell.

Divider Hawley.. such a manly man … he scolds , he blasts , he yells … rare problem solver without doing his fake trumpet

It’s the Maga way.

Your mother should’ve scolded you for being such a traitor to this country.

Just a sampling.