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Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check. Arraignment. Check.

The indictment [pdf].


10. The Defendant’s conspiracy to impair, obstruct, and defeat the federal government function through dishonesty, fraud, and deceit included the following manner and means:

a. The Defendant and co-conspirators used knowingly false claims of election fraud to get state legislators and election officials to subvert the legitimate election results and change electoral votes for the Defendant’s opponent, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., to electoral votes for the Defendant. That is, on the pretext of baseless fraud claims, the Defendant pushed officials in certain states to ignore the popular vote; disenfranchise millions of voters; dismiss legitimate electors; and ultimately, cause the ascertainment of and voting by illegitimate electors in favor of the Defendant.

b. The Defendant and co-conspirators organized fraudulent slates of electors in seven targeted states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin), attempting to mimic the procedures that the legitimate electors were supposed to follow under the Constitution and other federal and state laws. This included causing the fraudulent electors to meet on the day appointed by federal law on which legitimate electors were to gather and cast their votes; cast fraudulent votes for the Defendant; and sign certificates falsely representing that they were legitimate electors. Some fraudulent electors were tricked into participating based on the understanding that their votes would be used only if the Defendant succeeded in outcome-determinative lawsuits within their state, which the Defendant never did. The Defendant and co-conspirators then caused these fraudulent electors to transmit their false certificates to the Vice President and other government officials to be counted at the certification proceeding on January 6.

c. The Defendant and co-conspirators attempted to use the power and authority of the Justice Department to conduct sham election crime investigations and to send a letter to the targeted states that falsely claimed that the Justice Department had identified significant concerns that may have impacted the election outcome; that sought to advance the Defendant’s fraudulent elector plan by using the Justice Department’s authority to falsely present the fraudulent electors as a valid alternative to the legitimate electors; and that urged, on behalf of the Justice Department, the targeted states’ legislatures to convene to create the opportunity to choose the fraudulent electors over the legitimate electors.

d. The Defendant and co-conspirators attempted to enlist the Vice President to use his ceremonial role at the January 6 certification proceeding to fraudulently alter the election results. First, using knowingly false claims of election fraud, the Defendant and co-conspirators attempted to convince the Vice President to use the Defendant’s fraudulent electors, reject legitimate electoral votes, or send legitimate electoral votes to state legislatures for review rather than counting them. When that failed, on the morning of January 6, the Defendant and co-conspirators repeated knowingly false claims of election fraud to gathered supporters, falsely told them that the Vice President had the authority to and might alter the election results, and directed them to the Capitol to obstruct the certification proceeding and exert pressure on the Vice President to take the fraudulent actions he had previously refused.

e. After it became public on the afternoon of January 6 that the Vice President would not fraudulently alter the election results, a large and angry crowd-including many individuals whom the Defendant had deceived into believing the Vice President could and might change the election results—violently attacked the Capitol and halted the proceeding. As violence ensued, the Defendant and co-conspirators exploited the disruption by redoubling efforts to levy false claims of election fraud and convince Members of Congress to further delay the certification based on those claims.


Focus, Mark (r), focus.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].


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Mark Alford
[August 2, 2023]
Devon Archer confirmed #QuidProQuoJoe is “the BRAND” of the Biden Family Enterprise that’s raked in millions. The evidence builds & talk of impeachment is picking up speed. It’s crucial to know where constituents stand. #DrainTheSwamp
Let me know here:

The link Mark Alford (r) provides takes you to an RNC/right wingnut fundraising site.

Some of the responses:

Nothing going to happen the swamp is too deep and the Rs have no kuhnas

A portmanteau of kahuna and cojones?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can’t have nice things.

Devon Archer confirmed Hunter Biden was a schmuck who would call his unsuspecting dad during business meetings.
Devon Archer also confirmed that Joe Biden ALWAYS kept the subject personal and NEVER talked business.
THIS constituent wants Mo-4 Congressional representation that both tells the truth and is NOT a partisan political hack. Can you do it?

No. This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

So why does Lester Holt not talk about this? I believe all the charges because I remember Biden as vice president laughing on one of the late night talks shows about getting the Ukrainian official fired. But the regular/old media won’t discuss this.

Because Lester Holt doesn’t stay up late enough to watch late night talk shows? Just spitballing it here.

FB “Blocked” me from sharing this with friends on MESSENGER!

The nerve.


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