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Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The modern left attacks the Bible at the same time it attacks traditional masculinity. But we need the Bible to understand what manhood and womanhood mean. It remains the bedrock of our culture, and the West
7:49 PM · May 14, 2023

Which bible? Which “tradition”?

Some of the responses:

I am a Christian, but I do not need the Bible to define me. Your version of manhood or womanhood do not work for me. I am American, and while I choose Christianity for me, everyone here is free to choose their own faith, or no faith. I believe in separation of church and state.

You cannot force people other religions to live by the Bible. Heck most Republicans do not live by the Bible. Take Donald Trump for example. He’s a hypocrite. You are a hypocrite. Your behavior during the insurrection was not something Jesus would do. Somehow I don’t see him rising his fist.

bruh, u super creepy

The left attacks you not respecting separation of church and state, Mr. “Manhood.” That includes Christians.

No the left doesn’t. It’s just nobody wants your interpretation of the Bible, masculinity or femininity Josh. Because it’s clear you struggle with defining what all 3 of those terms mean.

the founding fathers warned us about theocratic tyranny……….. it’s here

The modern right is actually centuries old and walks around with a pitchfork in one handle, a Bible in the other by the glow of candlelight.

Nope, we just attack hypocrites whoo use the Bible as a weapon.

Josh .. what’s with you and the masculinity thing? You seem a bit obsessed with the whole thing.

a book of mostly fiction is not a guideline for any country

Here’s a tip about the Bible, Josh, all those parts that begin “the wicked do this” are not instructions.

No, it’s not.

Please stop with the faux Christian charade

You can do whatever your Bible tells you to do, but you have no right to dictate how the rest of us live in a free country.

No, the left aren’t a bunch of fake Christians using the Bible as a prop.

No it doesn’t

Says who?

separation of church and state. We don’t all care about your bible.

Meanwhile, polls show many Americans are becoming more Secular.

So a book written when people didn’t know why the sun came up in the east and set in the west is where he goes for wisdom.

Keep the Bible out of our government, #TraitorJosh.

Notice how some modern ‘Christians’ like Josh Hawley continually spew hateful rhetoric about migrants who are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. And they bear false witness on #FoxLies against fellow Americans that they don’t like.

As a Christian, I can confirm that Jesus NEVER said ANYTHING about masculinity involving men being “aggressive” OR discussing guns……

Stop shoving your beliefs down our throats!

You must love Handmaid’s Tale for inspiration.

Name someone who attacks the bible. The “modern left” is of the mindset “Live and let live.”
Oh, and also, “MYOFB.” [….]


Oh so you’re a fake Christian also. Resign.

I don’t attack the Bible, Josh. I will, however, correct people like you who misuse the Bible as a weapon instead of Good News to God’s people.

Senator Hawley apparently never studied Greek, Roman, Jewish, African, Latin American, Native American, Muslim or ANY other culture, NONE of which are Christian civilizations and ALL of which are the MULTIPLE and diverse “bedrocks” of Western Civilization.

Toxic masculinity is a huge problem in this country.

This is a product of Yale law school. So sad.

If you want laws based on your Bible, tax the church you insurrectionist coward.

Please be quiet. You have nothing, and I do mean NOTHING consequential to say. Just stop.

I’m a Christian woman who rejects the White nationalist interpretation of the Bible. Don’t question or define my womanhood.

Therapy can help with your insecurities.

Your assertion in respect to masculinity, femininity, and the bible is a matter of subjectivity. You have a belief that is only valid for yourself and others of a like minded disposition. You are perfectly free to speak your belief but NOT free to impose it.

MAGA Republicans think that wrapping themselves in Bible quotes will give them a pass. The problem is that quoting the Bible doesn’t coverup the anti-Christian actions that they are trying to force on the majority of Americans.

No one is attacking the Bible, running man, we just want your face out of our laws

When the politician starts preaching they’re lying.

The Bible and the Constitution are not the same thing, Bro.

Keep your religion to yourself. It is NOT the bedrock of everyone’s belief system.

Pander, pander, pander.

The “modern left” has no problem with the Bible. However, it is not, and can not be, the controller document for our government. That is what The Constitution is for. Our country was founded on the principle of separating church and state.

The Bible may be your “bedrock,” Josh. But not everyone views the Bible this way & forcing people to accept & live life based on Christian beliefs is wrong & unconstitutional. It denies the existence and importance of other religions in our country.