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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


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Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The answer is no

Has The White House Even Said The Word ‘Christian’ Since The Nashville School Shooting?

7:29 PM · Apr 1, 2023

Some of the responses:

Has Missouri’s puny-fisted insurrectionist said ‘AR-15’ even once in the wake of yet another massacre attributal to the NRA’s slaughter machine?
The answer is no.

There’s that.

We. Don’t. Care. Hypocritical. Fake. Christian. Freak.

Democrats are abomination to God

Yeah? Good.

An old bumper sticker:

Probably not actually attributable to Ghandi.

We get the point, though.

I’m not sure, maybe you can ask @POTUS @JoeBiden after he gets out of church.

Ya know, the man who attends each week without fail. When’s the last time you went and just didn’t use it as a prop?

Who fucking cares???

Has he acted more like a Christian than any republican currently holding office? Yes.

Hmm… you know that being a Christian isn’t like signing up for Hulu… just saying you are one doesn’t mean anything… going to church regularly doesn’t do it either.. and our belief one way or the other doesn’t make any difference either..

Using Christianity as a tool of division is pretty pathetic Hawley

What the hell is happening to this country. Isn’t the president a Christian?

Joe Biden (D) [2014 file photo].

Religion has no business in politics…even though Joe is a devout Christian..it doesn’t mean he isn’t one because he didn’t say it after the shooting. Y’all are just grasping at straws. Nothing better to talk about..how about some gun legislation to keep people from getting guns that shouldn’t have them??

How ridiculous Joshy!

Good. Religion doesn’t belong in our government. The founders made that perfectly clear.

This is anti-Catholic bile spewed by the evangelical right.
When will Hawley be real and confirm his permanent address in Virginia?
The answer is probably no.

Even if true (which I doubt), I don’t see the problem. Biden almost certainly hasn’t said, “Scientology” either. As these two sects have precisely the same status in the #Constitution, r u also upset on their account? Guns kill kids in #schoolshooings. That’s all. #GunControlNow

Oops, Hawley lied. The school is a Christian school and as such “Christian” has been mentioned numerous times, including by Biden.
What Hawley is attempting to insinuate is that the White House hasn’t supported Hawley’s false claim of it being a hate crime against Christians. It was a revenge crime, not a hate crime, triggered by the death of a school friend.
I find it sickening that the murder of 6 people, 3 of them 9 year old kids, is being twisted into a false claim for politics. What kind of person uses the murder of children like that?


Says the fist pumping domestic terrorists guy who tried to overturn an election in order to install the thrice philandering, serially lying ‘disciple of Jesus’ who mocked a disabled reporter & bragged about sexually assaulting women.

You’re about as hypocritical as they come.

Has the Republican party agreed to address gun violence and the proliferation of guns in the US. The answer is NO.

Hey Josh the word Christian isn’t mentioned once in the constitution. Is this some magical word that brings them back from death?

President Biden is Catholic , he tries to go to Delaware every weekend to attend Mass with his family, speedy [….]

If he has been baptized and confirmed as a Catholic, then he is. Don’t like it? Deal with it.

And being a Republican or putting it in your Twitter bio certainly doesn’t.

Really wish you showed even one ounce as much energy for the Christians that Dylan Roof slaughtered.

Or, did they not matter to you for some reason?

He’s the first Catholic President of the United States. He doesn’t have to say anything!

Actually, the second.

Please explain your Christian values to me.

It’s not his job to promote any specific religion. It’s not yours either unless you can find me a passage supporting pandering to evangelicals for cash. [….]

Why does it need to? It’s about the children, the victims, families, staff & the fact the shooter was a former student.

Hate-filled GOP like you, are the ones that work very hard to divide & create fear/hate amongst other Americans.

And that’s great news. Separation of church and state. Go thump your bible somewhere else.

President Biden attends church services regularly –
If you are a true Christian you don’t have to keep announcing it with a bull horn – people know by your character & your deeds.

I don’t recall the Republican Party ever trying so hard to make our Country their church until their savior Trump, the lifelong con, pretended he’s a Christian. Josh the zealot is a blasphemous coward. Anyone who supports his beliefs are hypocritical bigots.

“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

I appreciate a President that understands the principle of separation of church and state. Now go for a run traitor Hawley

Fun fact!! Saying the word Christian doesn’t make you a Christian. Contrary to Republican grift.

That man lives the Christian life every single day. You may go to church, but you preach hate of others. That is not Christian.

Keep your religion out of our government, keep your religion to yourself, it’s up to you. Don’t act like you are a good Christian, Pathetic, insurrectionist! God I guarantee doesn’t like fascism. And most of the world doesn’t!

Because Christians aren’t the only people who live in this country and they sure don’t matter more than others. No hate like Christian love.

Have you said anything about passing common sense gun laws to stop the increase of mass shootings?

Why would he need to? It was a Christian raised past student shooting their Christian school. You all are so desperate to be oppressed and it’s really sad.

Nothing says Christian better than Republicans not voting for a better gun law bill to help keep our kids safe. And you call yourself pro life.

The important word is child. Yes, the children were Christians, but being Christian does not mean their lives were more precious that other children that were killed. If you are a Christian you should know this. Instead, you sound as if you are trying to make political hay out of a tragedy.

Josh, you are such a fraud so that you can lure the ignorant trump rubes in to support you. You know that the constitution provides for the separation of church and state. But you’re just pandering to the rubes.

Whatever for?


No one fucking cares, Josh.

Who cares?? The USA is filled with humans that worship differently, they aren’t Christian’s & that’s okay. Why don’t you mind your own business with regard to your evangelical insanity and stop trying to push your evangelical white nationalist fascist dictator agenda in a democratic republic? The USA majority is not interested in your clown show.

JESUS, god almighty, JOSH, we know you’re not just a christian, but a white evangelical nationalist, the core insects of MAGA and the fomenters of the J-6 insurrection. Remember your solidarity with the traitors and then run from them. You’re such a twit

So you’re splitting hairs about the word Christian instead of actually finding solutions to gun violence. The gun violence that’s the leading cause of death for children in this country.

Stuck on the word Christian instead of the loss of six lives….you care more about the label then the lives lost….you’re in a cult….

Hawley, don’t be such a dick-head. First of all, there has been no motive establishing the intent behind the killer’s massacre was to kill Christians. nor was there a manifesto left behind by the killer indicating the same. So, what’s your idiotic point?
Previously you were trying to convince the public that the killings should be described as “hate crimes”. Why, where’s the connection?

You look familiar. Are you the cowardly traitor who supported the insurrectionists, then had to run for your life from the insurrectionists?