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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

Last Saturday afternoon:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
We are all created in the image of God. That’s a responsibility not a license.
10:39 PM · Apr 1, 2023

Some of the responses:

That’s YOUR belief. You do not get to impose it in others… Also how’s that work for you homophobes? Clearly LGBTQ folks are also born in G*d’s image. I’ll bet you are also one of those fundies who has a fit if anyone says “she” when referring to G*d.

I have to ask then. Why is god so ugly?

Failing to make the connection here Mark….??

A lot of people I see wear it like a flag on the back of their pickup. My Faith is between my God & me. God & person were The Church long before there was a church. Just live right no matter what you believe. The Golden Rule is present in all societies, even ‘Godless’ ones, Mark.

I look a lot like my dad . MY DAD IS GOD! HOLY SHIT!


Then you are failing in yours.

I’ve always said “God doesn’t make mistakes”, but in your case I have to make an exception.


Then how do you square your actions and the actions of your colleagues with this statement? You treat the least among us like trash, just like Jesus was treated. Shame on you.

You believe what you want in your religion. Just remember your religion is yours not others.
All that matters to the US government is our constitution.

Some people have ugly gods.

That doesn’t even mean anything. I’m sorry.

Irony is dead.

Which God?

When do I turn blue and get lots of extra arms? Polytheism has way cooler gods.

So what your saying is god is infallible? If that’s the case why do you want to strip the rights away from “gods” children?

Which god, Peanut?

And God doesn’t use guns.

It’s fitting that you posted this on April 1, to be known from this day forward as Mark Alford Day.

God’s kind of a dick, huh, Mark?

And you are bound to leave your religious beliefs out of government and legislation. We are the most religious diverse country in the world thanks to the constitution.

“God did not respond with a comment.”


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