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Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

Yesterday, from the former newsreader (r):

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
I grew up in a Norman Rockwell America. Now we’re living in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
9:21 PM · Mar 31, 2023

You’re not even trying, Mark (r).

Some of the responses:

You’re living a fantasy.

I can’t believe you’re my elected representative.

Only God can save us now [….]

She’s not interested.

Segregation was part of Norman Rockwell America. It’s sad that you think that was a better time.

You can thank Trump for that

You’re not helping any. Quit the maga rhetoric.

quit being a trupeteer. you’re embarrassing yourself.

You need one more American flag in your handle to be taken seriously. 4 is just one too short.

Are you playing the Tim Curry character? [….]

You are such a terrible person.

Norman Rockwell’s American was a myth Mark. Pure fiction.

You’ve lost your way. If you ever had one

So you preferred segregation? Saying the quiet part out load now huh? Deplorable! [….]

Norman Rockwell painted one of the most jarring civil rights illustrations in history.
He was disgusted by the Post’s ban on depicting people of color in anything but servile poses.
Keep Norman Rockwell’s name out of your mouth.
You are a Joe McCarthy.


Yes GOP is quite the horror show

How about those good ole days of Norman Rockwell era Jim Crow and segregation. #WhatAmoron #Traitor #Seditious #Racist #Fascist

You are part of the problem.

Norman Rockwell didn’t even like the times you’re nostalgic for. It’s gross and so@are you.

And you are part of the problem.

Ah yes. It’s no secret why you long for those good ole days. Good unless you were black, or gay, or a woman, or Asian, or disabled, or ……….

Living in the past is quite illogical—unless you have a time machine.

It’s just a jump to the left and then a step to the right.

It was the tax rates.

We see what you did there.

You keep The Rocky Horror Picture Show out of your traitorous Republican mouth. That classic is beyond you, as is a respect for democracy, the Constitution, or basic science.

Jim Crow, Segregation, women couldn’t buy houses, hold property, etc., Japanese internment camps, Native Americans and Mexican Americans treated like 3rd class citizens. That’s all “Norman Rockwell America”. Leave it to the white guy…smdh

You grew up terrified of drinking from the same water fountain as a Black person.

Sit down.

You’re such a disappointment.

Norman Rockwell would not approve of your name-dropping. He hated fascists.

Oh grow up.

You grew up in an imaginary vision created by an artist? Because we’ve never been the images he painted.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Thank the republicans for the nightmare.

Clutch those pearls a little tighter, Mark.

You think you’re clever. You’re embarrassing.

I’m living in the age of immature politicians who care more about saying dumb shit like this than taking care of real world problems….

when and where is your next town hall

We see what you did there.

But yet you have the power to make it a better place but instead you spend your time kissing Trump a$$

I grew up in a Schoolhouse Rock America. And then your party went full Looney Tunes.

In the Norman Rockwell era black people had to drink from different water fountains. And, for a frame of reference, Rocky Horror was released in 1975. So you claim to have grown up in the 1930s and we are now living in the 1970s. Damn, you people really make no sense do you?

“Norman Rockwell America” was a fiction and never existed. You are either waxing nostalgic over things that never were, you’re delusional, or your lying. Which is it?

So, you pro segregation?

Considering trump and the Republican party, Idiocracy is a much more appropriate comparison.

both are illusions.

you’ve never thought, learned, nor paid attention

You are a nut job, Mark. How great do you think Norman Rockwell’s America was for our black friends and neighbors’ famlies?

Would you like women back in the kitchen and unable to get a credit card? Would you like black people segregated again? Never mind, you just let everyone know what you want. You are an embarrassment. You are a fool. Please go ahead and fuck all the way off…

This is fucking stupid and so are you.

You are an idiot

Fuck off Mark

You’re an embarrassment to the Midwest. You didn’t grow up in a Rockwell America. You’re just like every other hateful right wing nut job.

Why are you such a an idiot? Tell us more, bigot.

Oh cool, you’re going full bigot then. Wish you were just on the air still so I could avoid your idiocy without consequence

WTF ever. Idiot.

Apparently you don’t know what you’re talking about invoking the name of Rockwell…supporting racists and racist ideologies wasn’t his America, just y’all’s.

Republicans are like the party of self-owns. Too stupid to be aware.