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Eric Schmitt (r) {August 2022 file photo].

This evening:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
This is purely a partisan case against President Trump

Soros DA Bragg campaigned on prosecuting President Trump, while violent crime in NYC rages on & violent criminals walk free

This is a political prosecution in search of a crime & sets an dangerous precedent going forward
6:27 PM · Mar 30, 2023

Some of the responses to Eric Schmitt (r):

It’s called the justice system. If you’re a criminal, you get indicted. If you’re found guilty, you go to jail! Foundation of a successful democracy.

No extradition. This would mean Florida is now sanctuary for Trump. Right?


But the Hunter Biden laptop—that’s legit. What a joke you are.

Trump is corrupt. Trump broke laws. Trump acts as though he id above the law. This is the first of quite a few indictments he will face because he chose not to follow the laws like an upstanding citizen.

A Grand Jury made up of We the People indicted trump. All strangers in a room heard testimony, saw physical evidence and voted for an indictment. Have you already forgotten how the system works since becoming a senator? [….]

Oh Eric…why don’t you sue Alvin Bragg! You sue everyone else you don’t like. Just go away.

gotta throw those dog-whistles in there, don’t you?

Donald is a crook Eric.

The “lock her up” folks have big feelings about political prosecution in search of a crime all of a sudden.

Way to spit on the grand jury, Eric.
Almost like you think some people are above the law.

Oh fuck. I’ve been taking a drink every time they say Soros.

Deciding to go the antisemitic route is certainly a choice Eric.

You really think the grand jury in NY voted to indict not based on the evidence presented, but on their party affiliation?
Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?

No one is above the law.

Oh look, another antisemitic gop pos. (Yeah, I know he’s also a liar but chose to focus on the antisemitism since news media continues to ignore ongoing casual antisemitism of the gop.)

You sound pretty ignorant saying this without an unsealed indictment, don’t you think? Kinda culty?

You don’t even know the charges yet you dotard.

You are such a moron Eric. Please stop embarrassing Missouri with this nonsense.

It’s wrong that there allowed to come for people accused of crimes. Presidents should be accepted from this madness because that’s what America stands for! #maga

Weir dumed.

You all have your talking points “Soros” all in a row. POS hope you go down too

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…