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Self-awareness is definitely not a strength.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].


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Mark Alford @markalfordkc
Count me among those who think @POTUS has been an utter failure. A divider not a Uniter. A Trojan horse for the radical, woke and broke wing of the Democrat party. The “Marionette” President. Someone else is pulling the strings.
6:46 PM · Mar 2, 2023

Evidently Mark Alford (r) doesn’t understand the difference between a noun and an adjective. That’s really sad for someone who was once a newsreader.

“Marionette” – for right wingnut republicans every accusation is actually a confession.

Some of the responses:

Woke this Woke that…. WTF does Woke mean? Spell it.

What is your definition of “woke”? Would you please tell us how Trump tried to unite us? Is Trump’s denial of the results of the 2020 election an example of a “uniter”?

You said you were going to DC to change it. Well you are DC. Performative politics. Partisanship politics. Pandering politics. Are you going to be like this for all of your 2 years?

Yes. This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

Half of Missouri also can’t tie their own shoes so…

Dude you’re turning more into a clown day by day it’s sad.


Your words are so uniting. #moreofthesame

Someone is pulling your strings or like typical puppets has their hand jammed up your arse.

Former newsreader has previous experience.

Stick to “we will be right back after this word from Price Chopper”. You are an embarrassment

Heh. We’ll never get tired of this one.

You are batshit crazy, Mark. Divider? That is all your orange guy you cuck for does for his own gain. Your party (and my old one) doe nothing now but dog whistle and lie (see everything about Fox News). You are simply blowing the same dog whistle. No action. Just rhetoric.

Well you’re a fucking idiot so there’s that. @POTUS is doing fine.