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Eric Schmitt (r) {August 2022 file photo].

Eric Schmitt (r) at right wingnut fest:

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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
It’s time to pry power and control away from the unelected bureaucrats and return it to We The People. #CPAC2023
4:11 PM · Mar 3, 2023

Generally, it’s probably a good idea to have people in the room when you return power and control to them.

Some of the responses:

Missouri has been under a conservative super majority for decades and is one of the worst managed states in the country. Conservatives had their chance here and failed

They consider that a feature, not a bug.

You are so right. What do unelected bureaucrats know about train safety, building construction to protect buildings from collapsing in earthquakes and hurricanes, making sure the drugs we take actually work and the food we eat is safe, building safe highways and cars, etc?


I am actually embarrassed for you.

This scripted, performative outrage for consevative attention should be beneath you.

However, you as an elected bureaucrat should be representing ALL Missourians, including those who may not have voted for you.

It’s time to stop with us vs them rhetoric. Be someone everyone in Missouri can look up to and work across the aisle.

Betting odds are that you won’t

“Deconstruction of the Administrative State”! Rs want us to follow Russia’s footsteps. Eliminate the Fed govt. Sell off or give our country’s resources to Oligarchs & eliminate our democracy! Power in the hands of few! Not by the people-for the people! Y else would U be at CPAC?

Helluva crowd! Didja get Schlapped?

Heh. Apparently, you can count on Eric Schmitt (r) to clear a room.

A true believer:

Shoukd have never let this happen! Time to step up and hold them ALL accountable! Law and Order Justice Nuremberg 2.0 NOW GET IT DONE!

And you shall know them by their stream of consciousness.