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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Eric Schmitt (r) had a “busy” Thursday:

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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
New Zealand PM, Covid tyrant and authoritarian Jacinda Ardern i is calling it quits. Good.
9:05 PM · Jan 18, 2023

Some of the responses:

New Zealand has a population of 5 million people and has had 2,400 Covid deaths. Missouri has a population of 6 million and has had 23,500 Covid deaths.

So, again, who is “pro-life”?

Can’t handle a woman who’s achieved more success than you Eric?


Still hasn’t shown proof of CRT in Missouri schools…

Another tweet, another typo.

Another day of not helping Missourians. Congratulations.

Well, to be fair, he can only name Post Offices and shit post on social media.

Who cares? It’s New Zealand. Focus on Missouri and the US, damn

It’s all he’s got. That and naming Post Offices.

Caring for the people of New Zealand through 2 terms as PM during the last 6 years is quite an accomplishment. She’s an accomplished leader

Everyone hates you

No one will remember you.

Imagine being human enough to step down from such a huge position of power because you know when to step down? Ask your colleagues that question. What a terrible comment.

As much as Hawley is an embarrassment you are much worse.

Good lord – now he thinks he has an international platform. #NewZealand had 2400 deaths with 90% of their population vaccinated. You, on the other hand, sued school districts who were keeping kids safe. #StopThisSchmitt

Did she try to overturn an election like you?

Tyrant?? Haha. Sort your own country out brah.

Finally addressing MO’s greatest concerns. Our hero!

Glad to see you’re hard at work on behalf of the people of Missouri.

You’re a joke and embarrassment to #Missouri

The nerve, trying to keep her people alive

You don’t know where New Zealand is on a map.

Next to Old Zealand.

Eric confirms. He will never be as great as a woman leader.

She is an amazing leader, what is your issue?

So, strong, capable, effective leadership causes you anxiety.

She’s educated and made smart decisions that saved thousands of lives.

Are you a politician in NZ too?

Well, the other guy lives in Virginia.

Focus Eric you work for the US and people of Missouri, no one cares about the PM of another country. Zero of her decisions affected Missourians.

She’s achieved more than you ever will.
Go suck your thumb in the corner you little baby.

But, did she get to name Post Offices?

Jacinda Ardern led a whole country (pop: 5.123 million) valiantly and competently, suffered a total of 2,437 COVID deaths.

Under your rotten Republican regime, JUST MISSOURI (pop: 6.168 million) has 22,420 deaths.


@Eric_Schmitt sucks. Ardern rocks.

I suggest you go away and learn what both tyrant and authoritarian actually mean, then come back and try this again, you flaming half-wit.

You could not be a bigger idiot.
#foxfriedbrains #lies

Hold his beer.


Empty suit says what? (January 21, 2023)