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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

On Thursday:

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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
▪️Stop reckless spending.
▪️Fight government overreach.
▪️Secure our border.
▪️Protect individual liberty
▪️Take on Big Gov/Big Tech censorship
▪️Dismantle the Administrative State

Let’s go.
10:43 AM · Jan 19, 2023

On The Faux News Channel, no less.

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

Eric Schmitt (r) left out set up a taxpayer funded web site to solicit complaints about local school districts to benefit my primary campaign.


Some of the responses:

You had no problem with the 2 trillion tax cuts for the rich.

I agree. Govt overreach into my uterus is unacceptable.

Get right on that, liar.

And reckless trillion dollar tax cuts for the wealthy with no offset who pay only about 4% income tax already? Sheesh. Tell the whole truth. Don’t learn from your Trump and Santos.

Too late.

It’s good to know you will protect women to make their own healthcare decisions and protect same sex marriages.

Aren’t you part of the administrative state that you say should be dismantled? In this new order of yours does it include allowing women civil liberties? Does it include the Lgbtq+ community? Does reckless spending mean cut any spending that helps the elderly and working class?

You’ve been elected. You can stop the campaign rhetoric and actually do something to fix what you perceive as a problem. What legislation have you prepared to do this. My guess NONE

He’ll be naming Post Offices and shit posting on social media.

Empty words.

Govt overreach: banning books, banning abortion, banning transsexuals from everyday life.
All GOP goals.

25% of our Country’s historical national debt is from the four years Trump was president. 25%!!!

LOL, you’re in the minority. Stuck with Huckster Hawley. What a shame.

He gets to name some Post Offices, maybe.

Says the man who wants to remove a woman’s choice.. and black history..”And in this country, we believe in individual rights, and we believe that people can speak their minds without the government or the regime censoring them or telling them what they can say and can’t say”

The whole reckless spending thing, kind of your party’s fault.

That’s a pretty big list of promises for someone who couldn’t win many cases as my MO AG!

That job is just a step on the ladder for ladder climbers.

Well it sounds like he is going to flap his gums and file useless lawsuits just like he did as AG.

And maybe name some Post Offices. Maybe.

Take on big government did y’all just take away the individual rights of 50% of US Citizens? Missouri did worse then that. Do you are a liar

Just cheap slogans that mask the extremist GOP agenda to wreck our economy and gut social services.

What a Statesman. And you’re the smart guy in Missouri?

Uh, no.

pretty fucking rich considering you signed away women’s bodily rights. why don’t you shut the fuck up about “fighting government overreach” and “protecting individual liberty” and stop tweeting during the time i am paying your ass to work.

You’re a fucking dirtbag

You Blockhead!