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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Mask mandates, gas stove bans, climate alarmism are all about power and control.
2:05 PM · Jan 13, 2023


Some of the responses:

How would you categorize trying to overturn an election? Power and control?


And your lawsuits against school mask mandates were not? Hypocrite.

Except private schools. Hypocrite indeed.

The lies you’re spreading about them are, yes.

Caring for your neighbor, not lying, and protecting the planet we all rely on for life, that’s just basic morality. Something you know nothing about.

This tweet brought to you by the man who signed the Abortion Ban in MO personally.

Maybe if more of your voters had worn masks the midterms would have gone better for you

Don’t forget bare arms!

Ah, the Missouri General Assembly.

See also: Abortion Rights (or the lack thereof). Hypocrite.

And how are you helping women and children? Thought not.

More “gaslighting” from the GOP.

Shut up. You won. We’re stuck with you for 6 years 🤮. Please try to do some good while you’re there.

The Junior Senator from Missouri: all about proving he can be worse than the Senior Senator from Missouri.

The other guy is the third senator from Virginia.

Banning abortions, birth control, books, transgender rights, interracial marriage, same sex marriage, etcetera is about what then exactly then?

Hypocrite. Come back when you no longer fight to control those of us with uteruses.

Accidentally true… the right-wing freakouts about this nonsense are absolutely about power and control. Keeping you confused and nervous about nothing while they pick your pockets.

Sir, your party is mandating dress codes and banning books. HUSH.

Imagine if they tried to regulate your body, or tell you who you can marry.

Do you ever have an original thought?

This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

So is leading a coup on the Capitol. Doesn’t that bother you, Senator??

Very true. I’m curious if you had anything to do with China buying land in Missouri though? This should not be allowed. That lands needs to be taken away and auctioned.

Why? What benefit of power do you get from telling people things about their gas stoves? What is the giant payoff of that power?

Faux outrage to be regurgitated on faux news.

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

LOL. Says the dude who’s all about ‘power and control’

I’m guessing you’re not seeing the irony with your previous actions sir?

The GOP wants abortion bans, contraception bans, book bans, speech bans. Now that’s about power and control.

Don’t worry when one party tries to overturn elections, tells kids which sports teams they can play on, bans books from libraries, and tells women they cannot show bare arms in the statehouse… that certainly isn’t about power and control.

What gas stove bans, liar?

are you that ridiculous lawsuit guy from Missouri suing public schools for publicity? YEAH, you are. this IS you! how did you get elected after pulling that stunt?

Weird how you like to watch people suffer medically.

Women’s attire…

When you’re not lying, you’re just mistaken.

And what is forced pregnancy and requirements for women to cover their bare arms about.

What about abortion bans like the one you signed a few months ago, Eric?

No one is banning gas stoves. Geesus, be better than the average republican politician. Don’t jump on the alarmist band wagon just because it rolls into town.

Too late.

So what does it say about Missouri where women DON’T have the right to bodily autonomy? What does it say about the fact that women legislators can’t have bare arms on the house floor?

Bans on medical freedom and women’s arms… also all about control.

Isn’t suing school districts about power and control?

Alarmism, you say?

Women not being able to make decisions about their bodies though…what’s that about?

Denying voting rights, denying women’s right to choose, denying women health services, trashing earned benefits (medicare and social security) is all about power and control

No those are Republican lies

I’d appreciate it if you’d try to resolve real issues like our contaminated well field here in st charles, mo. #prioritize

And you’re all about not doing your actual job

But controlling women’s bodies is not?

Rightwing male who voted to deny women the right of bodily sovereignty is heard complaining about his home appliance crisis.

Faux home appliance crisis.

This is an intentional lie. There is no ban on gas stoves and Schmitt knows it.
It is sad to see a US Senator from Missouri lie so blatantly.

I’m trying not to be tired of being alarmed by how awful and narcissist you are.

Still trying to figure out what you actually do because you definitely do not contribute to making laws, Senator.

For the next two years, naming post offices and shit posting on social media.

M&Ms and pronoun hysteria..

You keep setting that bar lower Senator.

How about abortion bans, book bans, and birth control?

The right to bare arms!

We see what you did there.

Culture war nonsense which you can fix, right ? How about banning abortion and books? Is that about power and control?
You lack honor and integrity.

That’s what you are about.
Every accusation is an admission of guilt with you.

Banning books, abortion, history, dress codes, teaching religion in schools, backing Russia over Ukrainian people and investigations on everything that they can. Yes, there is a power thing going on but it’s the republicans


Gasbag (January 14, 2023)