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The faux republican outrage of the past week.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

On Tuesday:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
12:53 PM · Jan 10, 2023

He’s pulling our fingers, right?

Some of the responses:

Take what?? Your crayons?? Are you trying to out Jackass Hawley?

Such a d-bag! #loser

What a 🤡. Do you have any of your own thoughts or just repeating garbage someone told you to post.

Do you understand how stupid this makes you look? Good lord you’re already such a disappointment.

Who ever runs against this POS in the future, save his Tweets!

For fucks sake you’re a 🤡

Exactly the kind of stupidity I expected from a news anchor turned politician


The reality:

The Gas-Stove Ban Freak-out Is the Story We Need Right Now
By Margaret Hartmann, senior editor for Intelligencer


…no one’s actually issuing a federal ban on gas stoves at the moment, we’ve known about the alleged health issues related to gas stoves for years, and most of us aren’t getting new appliances anytime soon.


Stoves are less-than-ideal culture-war fodder. As one colleague observed, Republican politicians are constantly trying to plug something new into the “they’re coming for your ____” outrage machine; today, it’s gas stoves….


Mark Alford (r) hasn’t made any substantive career change. Fancy that.