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Jason Smith (r) [2022 file photo].

He got his:

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Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
I am deeply humbled to have been selected to be the next Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Ways and Means Republicans will build an economy that is strong by prioritizing our most valuable economic resource, the American worker.
3:23 PM · Jan 9, 2023

Jason Smith, a friend of the American Worker?

Some of the responses:

We now return you to your regular GQP programming.

Republicans are far more interested in manufacturing discontent than in doing anything to fix anything.

How does cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Food Assistance programs, stifling Unionization efforts, and slashing taxes for the obscenely wealthy help “the American Worker”, Jason?

Can you explain to me what your objectives are and how they benefit workers?

Gaslighting. Wealth distribution upward. Just to name a couple.

You are a joke and will do nothing more than hurt the working class people. Signed, a Missourian

You’re a liar.

The 1/6 Traitor says what?


You’ve voted against almost every bill passed by Biden that ACTUALLY prioritizes the American worker. [….]

I won’t hold my breath that you’ll actually do anything of value in this position.

I notice in your feed you talk a lot about Democrats adding 2 trillion to the debt but I don’t see anything about Republicans adding 8 trillion in 4 years under the last admin and the majority of that was tax cuts for rich folk. Funny how that slipped your list of grievances


Peak Missouri Republican: Constantly complain about government spending, never address that majority is going to districts like your own while majority of taxes are coming from Democratic districts.

Joe already built it— but like a Trumplican you’ll find a way to take credit for the work YOU didn’t do.

What Jason means is, The Americans in The Blue States
Will subsidize The Red States Who refuse to Pay Their
Own Fair Share of American Taxes.

Why did you vote against certifying the 2020 presidential election?

This guy is hilarious.
He has one of the most anti-labor / anti-worker voting records in Congress.
See AFL-CIO Legislative Scoreboard

This chairman position was bought and paid for.

Freaking clown show

I don’t recognize insurrectionist trash as legitimate lawmakers. Therefore I’m going to ignore and laugh at anything that comes out of your committee.

Republicans exploit American workers with their massive tax cuts for corporations, which never “ trickle down”

The House made a big mistake making you chair of anything. You are an #Insurrectionist and a worthless representative for MO.

I hope you will not become even more deeply humbled because @HouseGOP juvenile delinquent anarchism leads to a default on debt obligations *already incurred* and a market crash

best luck with that, congressman
you might end up wishing you were back in the minority, trolling away

Aren’t Republicons for the wealthy. Your trickle down economics have destroyed our economy. Good luck getting past Senate and Biden.

He might be able to name a few Post Offices.

Please don’t strip away Social Security and Medicare from seniors who have worked hard and contributed to the system their entire lives.

Especially if you plan to turn our money over to millionaire grifters

They consider that a feature, not a bug.

That’s bullshit,

You don’t give a fuck about the American worker,


Getting to spend your U.S. Senate career naming Post Offices and shit posting on social media (November 12, 2022)

That was then (January 4, 2023)

15 ballots, 5 days. What else ya got? (January 7, 2023)