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For the 19th Senate District in Missouri in 2024:

Stephen Webber (D) [2017 file photo].


Stephen Webber

Most people know how proud I am of my hometown. On my worst days in Iraq I used to close my eyes and imagine myself driving around Boone County to visit all my favorite places. Shakespeare’s Pizza, all the soccer fields, the campsites, Murry’s, 9th Street and on and on.
Today I’m announcing that I’m running for the new, open State Senate seat that represents Boone County. I want to make sure that kids in Boone County have the same opportunities growing up that I had, that our communities are safe, the vulnerable are protected, that everyone is welcomed and valued. It’s going to be a long journey (Election Day is in 2024!) but I invite you to come along on it with me. What we have is worth protecting, worth serving and worth growing. Thank you for all your help. Let’s GOOOOOO!


Stephen Webber @s_webber
Politics can be brutal. Politics can rip your heart out.

But sometimes you have an amazing day when hundreds of people from all parts of your life take a moment to tell you how much they care about you. And that’s really cool. And I’m gonna cherish that part this time. Thank you
8:05 PM · Jan 9, 2023

At the Missouri Ethics Commission:

Stephen Webber (D) has previously served in the United States Marine Corps and the Missouri House of Representatives.

In 2016 he unsuccesfully ran for a seat in the Missouri Senate – it was an expensive campaign.

It was that close.

The current 19th Senate District now encompasses Boone County. This will be a different race.