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From former news reader Mark Alford’s (r) 4th Congressional District campaign Facebook page:

Mark Alford
What’s the FIRST thing you want the 118th congress to do when we are sworn in Jan 3rd?

He asked. He got answers from his true believers:

Abolish property tax

There is no Federal Property tax, friend. Talk to your State Reps.


Get rid of Pelosi and her puppets!

Bad timing there.

Term limits for all elected officials, and eliminate property taxes

Because the first worked so well in Missouri, the second is a local issue (see above).

Defund the 87000 new IRS agents and the student loan forgiveness plan.

Wait, aren’t IRS agents law enforcement?

Get rid of personal property tax. We pay taxes and then pay again every year

Again, that’s local, not federal.

I agree Term Limits would be a great! This Kansan is pulling for you!

I’m pretty sure this means that they have to vote in Kansas.

Have reasonable abortion laws!

Not with Mark Alford (r).

Term limits, open pipe lines, no tax social security, close borders

You might want to ask Mark Alford (r) about republican plans to get rid of Social Security. No Social Security, no tax on it. Easy peasy.

Replace Pelosi, and then defund the FBI and IRS

Wait, aren’t FBI agents law enforcement?

Revoke the charter of the FBI, defund them, and start over.

They have an agency ready to take over. Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации (FSB).

Put God back in everything they have taken Him out of

By general definition isn’t that impossible? Just asking. Oh, you meant imposing your specific beliefs on everyone else. Sorry.

Help the American people, who was born here and worked and paid taxes

And no sleeping your way through school.

Open up the pipeline from Alaska

Blame Canada. What would Brian Boitano do?

Protect Social Security, strengthen Medicare and more help for keeping the elderly in their home rather than in understaffed facilities at outrageous costs.

See above. They have a plan for getting rid of Social Seurity and you won’t like it.

Limit the power of exec orders and in that get the oil flowing. Then start the Biden Family investigations so the world can see who they really are.

And, a reply from Mark Alford (r):

Mark Alford [….] on it


Make America great again!

See above.