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On Saturday afternoon Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) and Trudy Busch Valentine (D) spoke at a get out the vote rally outdoors at the Clay County Democratic Party headquarters in Gladstone, Missouri. This was the third or fourth campaign appearance of the day for Trudy Busch Valentine in the Kansas City metro area


Yes, it was a union crowd.

Trudy Busch Valentine (D).

The elephant in the womb:

A significant number of women in attendance were wearing progressive and pro-choice tee shirts.

This candidate is enjoying the experience:

Both Representative Cleaver and Busch Valentine spoke at the rally.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D).

As in all of her campaign events, people in the crowd waited after its conclusion to speak with and personally greet Trudy Busch Valentine.

A number of women hugged her.

It’s retail politics. This grassroots politicking clearly energizes the candidate and her campaign.

Somebody should give Eric Schmitt (r) a hug.

…This election is about an individual’s access to health care and their bodily autonomy. Yes, abortion is a personal choice. It’s about access to public education. It’s about access to good jobs and a living wage. It’s about access to affordable housing. It’s about the future of Social Security and Medicare and the ability of our citizens to spend their later years living with some measure of dignity and comfort… And it’s about cutting the cost of essential medication for those who need it to survive. It’s about the survival of Democracy and the ability of people to participate with their vote. It’s for the future.


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