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This evening Trudy Busch Valentine (D) continued her grassroots oriented campaigning for the open U.S. Senate seat with the first stop in another RV tour through small town Missouri. Over seventy-five people attended a meet and greet event at a local restaurant banquet room in Raymore, Missouri.

Trudy Busch Valentine (D).

Eric Schmitt (r), accompanied by Ted Cruz (r), reportedly held a similar campaign event at a restaurant a few blocks away. Apparently Josh Hawley (r) is in Virginia. Who knows?

Patty Johnson (D), candidate in the 56th Legislative District.


Trudy Busch Valentine (D) always tries to greet everyone in the room when she arrives at these events.

Trudy Bush Valentine (D) – remarks in Raymore, Missouri:

After her remarks she spent a considerable amount of time engaged in a series of conversations with individuals seated at tables in the room.

Again, Trudy Busch Valentine clearly enjoys this one on one contact with voters.


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