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Know any fist pumpers? Runners?

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
If Republicans take back Congress, they’ve got to go after the corruption – in the FBI, DOJ, IRS and everywhere. Top to bottom house cleaning
9:28 PM · Oct 12, 2022

Some of the responses:

Meh. I’ll catch the highlights later on Russian state TV.

“Make America Great Again” – in Russian.

How ironic. That’s what needs to be done with the Republican Party. Starting with Trump and his inner circle. Also all GOP lawmakers who are defending the treasonous former president. And every GOP member that helped incite the insurrection. They must all be held accountable!

Sure Josh…why do something to make Americans lives better…by all means focus on solidifying power

[….] speaking of running, can you run to the MO Capitol and Resign?

Look in the mirror, Josh.

You committed treason.

Nazis hate law and order, unless they’re in power.

Start with you

I am all in for ridding Congress of the corruption. Start with Josh “I really live in Missouri but my home is in Virginia” Hawley.

Traitor says what? [….]

We should start with you. You participated in an #insurrection. #Traitor

Got to start with the corruption in your backyard (the one not in Missouri), your treasonous antics, then the rest of your treason teammates. Might want to start running now like a lil B.

Says the forever branded SEDITIONIST! [….]

Just run away, you’re good at that

Seditious, treasonous, fascist, coward Josh: TikTok TikTok

How about we start with Republican senators involved with Jan 6th?


Run Joshie, run!

Trying to deflect from the Jan 6 hearing today , eh? You bring shame to the state of Missouri. Fanone described you perfectly.

Insurrection for $500, Alex.

Can we start with you?

Quit embarrassing your state. (Missouri, in case you forgot)

If anyone can launch a fruitless, expensive, fraudulent, wasteful investigation, it’s Trump groveling Hawley.

What a load of bull – Corruption is what Josh here is engaging in! Working to corrupt people’s belief in our country based on hot air and empty accusations. That’s a helluva take for someone who was a willing participant in trying to subvert people’s votes in a vile power grab.

You sound guilty.

Pardon me, but what corruption? Fascists like yourself were busy corrupting and politicizing the DOJ and IRS to protect Trump and GOPers, while attacking your political enemies. You’re explicitly going to do what you claim Democrats have done (but haven’t actually done).

Is this the same Josh Hawley that used the Big Lie to undermine our democracy?

Run, Joshie, run!!

Run along now

Notice how these guys never run on any platform that actually helps the American people.