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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

Slow and over the plate.

We were talkin’ about the tweet:

Attorney General Eric Schmitt @AGEricSchmitt
Agriculture is one of Missouri’s top industries and is crucial to our economy. So today, on #NationalFarmersDay, be sure to thank a farmer!
2:33 PM · Oct 12, 2022

Some of the responses:

Wouldn’t you rather sue them, Eric?

Out-of-touch, wealthy Glendale lawyer suggests Missourians who can’t afford to buy food should travel to China to thank wealthy landowners.

“They’re using our own campaign blather against us…”

I would but you allowed all the farm ground to be sold to the Chinese government and I don’t speak the language

Do pile on.

Are you fluent in Mandarin or are you a Cantonese guy? [….]

No, I insist, after you.

Who? Smithfield? Big AG isn’t farming Eric. Maybe if you were actually in touch with Missourians you would know that.

Get lost sell out, do-nothing political climber.

And be sure to pray for all the small family farms that have been plowed under by 20 years of Republican leadership, and then covered over with a layer of CAFO run off and sprinkled with a handful of change whenever an election is looming.

Shame you sold our farm land to China. My folks are pretty a-political, but my Dad can name off every bit of farmland back home that’s been sold to foreign owned cooperate farms, and he knows you voted to make that happen


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