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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt

The Heiress Valentine is the least vetted US Senate candidate in modern Missouri political history and the liberal corporate media likes it that way.
3:55 PM · Oct 10, 2022

Some of the responses

You could have showed up for the debate. Busch was there.

You keep saying heiress, which tells me she doesn’t necessarily need the money, yet someone from “humble” beginnings sounds like an easy mark for lobbyists. Well played.

Then why didn’t you vet her by debating her?

Feel free to join her on a debate stage, weirdo.

We can understand why Schmitt isn’t running on his record.

You only ever speak to the echo chamber.

You couldn’t even make it to a debate held by the non-partisan Missouri press corp that all other Senate candidates showed up for.

TBV has met with Missourians all over the state to listen to their concerns. She will protect social security and Medicare. What’s your plan?


Trudy Busch Valentine (D) [2022 file photo].

Trudy Busch Valentine (D) in Jackson County, Missouri – August 13, 2022 (August 13, 2022)

Governor’s Ham Breakfast – Missouri State Fair – August 18, 2022 (August 18, 2022)

Trudy Busch Valentine (D) – Campaign Office Opening – Kansas City, Missouri – August 28, 2022 (August 28, 2022)

Trudy Busch Valentine (D) – Kansas City, Missouri – September 22, 2022 (September 24, 2022)

Post Oak, Johnson County, Missouri (October 2, 2022)

Trudy Busch Valentine (D): Warrensburg, Missouri – October 7, 2022 (October 7, 2022)

Trudy Busch Valentine (D): Raytown, Missouri – October 7, 2022 (Ocrober 8, 2022)

Definitely not for Social security or Medicare because his donors say NO

Unless she refused to close a school that is assaulting children, attacking our educators and public school systems or refusing to free wrongfully convicted black men like you I don’t want to hear it. It would be really hard for her to be a more terrible person than you are.

Liar says what?

You don’t believe in free and fair elections. That disqualifies you in my book.

Seditionist Eric is trying to subvert democracy. He signed the amicus brief to overturn a democratically decided Presidential election. He supported the Jan 6th coup of the Capital. He supports fascism. He banned abortion. How can we send someone like this to the Senate?

All you do is file frivolous lawsuits and she’s out there helping the community by being a nurse. i’m gonna trust a nurse over you any day.

You on the other hand are vetted well enough that we know we want nothing to do with you

Trudy seems to be a well-rounded person. She is the kind of senator that Missouri needs. She cares about people and will take good care of us.

At least she’s not a traitor, like you.

She’s not a fascist seditionist.

That’s it. That’s the criteria.

There is a long and glorious list of policy reasons to support @buschvalentine, but “not a fascist seditionist” is the only one I need.

Unlike you… She actually has the medical background that I would be more likely to trust during pandemic and women’s health issues…. You cannot event keep a kid safe past the birth canal

Gettin scared, you fascist?

You won’t even show up to a debate. Sit down!

Based on the comments, I’d say nobody likes you!

Get some new schtick.

Your opinion means nothing when Missouri women remember YOU are the one who took their Right to Choose away!

This is from someone who supported an ex-president trying to overthrow the US government, and who touted the big lie of voter fraud. I guess we can call you a hypocrite.

Would you like to reveal to the public who your puppet masters are? OR will it take a news article?

Sure, but she has policy positions and that beats your hog squealing every day of the week, hamhock.

She respects women, unlike you. You keep running your mouth about all the “tough stuff” you learned from your Dad and Grandpa. Yet not one word about what you learned from your mother. Eric, are you a woman hater? Is that why you want to control us?

If she sold MO land to China, we’d have heard. She doesn’t have an extreme agenda, didn’t incite the 1/6 attack, has the courage to say the 2020 election wasn’t fraudulent (you don’t), defends democracy instead of fascists & she is trustworthy. #NoSchmitt isn’t fit for any office

Every word out of this person’s mouth is a vile attack. He is incapable of civil discourse, and unfit for any public office.

Is this what you call being a fighter? Whine, complain, name-call, race-bait, gaslight, cry, bully, cry, whine. We know nurses are tough as nails. You should stick to filing and losing empty lawsuits – this fight is above your pay grade [….]

You’re literally the worst sack of excrement to ever serve this state next to Machine Gun Greitens and Run Josh Run Hawley.

We get it. You’re jealous of her family’s money. Rich or not, she has performed infinitely more acts of service to this state than you could ever dream of. Keep it about policy, Eric. Your policies suck. All you do is waste tax payer resources on frivolous BS. You are the worst.