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Every town is unique.

Nevada, Missouri.

Trudy Busch Valentine (D) continued her grassroots oriented campaigning for the open U.S. Senate seat yesterday with a late morning stop on her RV tour through small town Missouri. Vernon County Democrats and other interested voters gathered at a coffee house in Nevada, Missouri to meet Valentine and hear what she had to say.

She greeted everyone as she entered the venue, then sat in a number of conversations on whatever subject was on anyone’s mind. This does take time. Voters appreciate that.

Trudy Busch Valentine (D).

In her remarks Trudy Busch Valentine (D) spoke on access to health care (including a women’s right to make a decision about abortion) among many other issues. There was enthusiastic applause. She also spoke of our current political and cultural environment, where the opposition’s inability to accept the results of the 2020 election and their actions to limit voter access continue to be a serious threat to our Democracy and our unity.

After her remarks she spent time in conversations with anyone who had a question and who wanted to talk with her.

Retail politics. A statewide mass media blitz may be able to buy a candidate something, but not this.


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