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From the CDC:

Eric Schmitt (r) {2022 file photo].

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt

US Senate candidate, MO
Every step of the way I fought for FREEDOM over Fauci for the people of Missouri.

And we were right. […]
7:19 PM · Sep 9, 2022


What do you mean by we?

Some of the responses:

AND you helped Missourians die of COVID by fighting
public health orders.

BTW, Where do you stand on democracy and the rule of law?

Exactly what is this supposed to be in reference to? New @GOP Hail Mary cause y’all are losing?

Do you even give a Schmitt for the over 25,000 MO residents who have died from Covid?

As of yesterday, the official count of Missourians dead from #covid19 is 21,514. I respect you for fighting for Freedom, but you may have been wrong. Who knows how much worse it would have been, if we hadn’t masked, or vaxed? People are still dying today. How about next time?

You have a strange concept of freedom. How much freedom does a person have when they’re confined to a hospital bed with covid? Hooked up to a ventilator? Buried six feet under? Disabled because of long covid?

This guy immediately turned women into 2nd class citizens in MO when Roe was overturned. The government has control over your body not you. If you put him in the senate his views will go nationwide. Women deserve respect and this guy is just not it. He already showed you.

Why do maga cult candidates like you always espouse false narratives?

Fauci isn’t against freedom, he’s an expert professional who was trying to save lives

And you got in the way of saving lives!

The sick thing is that people died needlessly because of the political game you wanted to play. And they were your voters, but you’re so confident that you’ll win, you figured you had voters to spare. Disgusting.

You’ve never been right, quit lying

You fought against the will of the people & did what your donors told you to do

Freedom from science. Eric can only say this because he actively fought documenting the impact of Covid in MO.

No. You weren’t about anything.

No. You were political.

And people died because of it. Can’t believe you’re proud of this statement.

I’m confused. You’re a hillbilly from Bridgeton with a GED. Fauci is an expert infectious disease medical professional. How did you win??? [….]

Every step of the way you fought against the common sense of local parents and school boards

and you were wrong.

People died because of people like you in positions of power and influence who spread false information. May you be granted Grace when your ambitions allow.

You sued China for hoarding masks and keeping them from Missourians, then you sued Missouri schools for requiring masks to protect our students.

You fought for COVID. You fought for Trump. You fought for @GOP propaganda.

You never fought for freedom.

Ah anti-intellectualism. Lies are the MAGA Trumpster’s battlecry.

How many Missourians died because of your “freedom”. It’s sick that you are proud of it.

The dead Missourians can’t share their side.

Schmitt is too extreme for Missouri. 21,500 dead Missourians aren’t free, they’re dead.

It’s exactly what quack would do, fight against Science.

There are thousands of Missourians who would disagree with you if they weren’t dead.

You’re truly a moron.

Nah, you’re a political hack. Just doing stuff to engage your psycho base and scare ppl, you didn’t do anything to help, you fought and wasted our money to actively make stuff worse. Resign idiot.


Who is paying for what, Eric? Do tell. (September 7, 2022)