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Ether Ann Wagner (r) thinks we’re all that stupid or she is. Neither option is a good thing.

Last night:

Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
I’m a proud mother & grandmother who will never waver in my efforts to protect life – especially now as Democrats increase efforts to champion abortion even after a baby is born. Proud to be endorsed by the
7:35 PM · Sep 7, 2022

Some of the responses:

Murder? Are you fucking kidding?

Infanticide is illegal and the fact that you’d push such an untrue statement says a lot about you. Do better.

A mother and grandmother

Yeah. That’s called murder. Nobody is falling for that anymore.

Wow abortion after birth — that’s a new one!! You know Ann, what a woman does with her life & body is NONE of your business. Do better!

Last I checked, lying is still a sin.

Delete this tweet & stop spreading disinformation. Once a child is born, if someone takes its life, that’s murder & we have laws for that. NO ONE is advocating for something that can’t happen.

Abortion after the baby is born”? You’re such a sick lying, disgusting person. Just grotesque beyond belief.

The sin of deception is a pervasive evil among today’s GOP.

Your false allegations deceive people – and you know it… bearing false witness against your constituents.

“Whoever is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much” (Luke 16:10). Voters beware.

What exactly is abortion after the baby is born?

Idk. She spouts this BS all the time.

She’s an asshole

It amazes me that people will actually consider voting for such stupid candidates.

You are such a liar, Ann Wagner

How do you do an “abortion after birth”. Unless it’s a D&C because of placenta that didn’t expel completely, but there isn’t a baby any longer. Explain please.

Ann, can you explain how your insane statement that Democrats *champion abortion AFTER a baby is born*? I’m calling BS and more lies from @AnnLWagner.

Ann Wagner (@AnnLWagner) is out of touch with actual Missourians.

Literally no Democrats in Missouri have EVER discussed the desire to make infanticide legal. Not. One.

Ann Wagner spews disinformation for political gain. She can not be trusted. [….]

So, that’s a disgusting lie, Ann.

Would you please describe the procedure of abortion “after a baby is born”?

Lmao what are they teaching you out in Ballwin? Do you ever actually think before you type or are you just spitballing the wildest stuff off the cuff?

“Abortion after birth” ? Is that what Republicans are calling school shootings now ? [….]

Gee Ann, maybe tweeting is not your thing. Come to think of it you have nothing to offer.

do you lie to jesus with that mouth?

This is a lie. Shame on you.

Ann Wagner is not pro life.

Pro life would include healthcare insurance for all, school lunches for hungry kids, mercy for migrants fleeing literal death, fighting poverty, funding kids education, and funding maternal healthcare.

Wagner is against all of that.

What is post birth abortion?

I can’t believe someone would say something so gross and obviously false, thinking it’s a winning position. Donors to that campaign might be having some serious regrets.

Probably not.

You lying extremist.

Wow! Your statement is so stupid.

That isn’t a thing Ann. Anyone that thinks that is happening should seek some help, maybe additional education from health professionals.

Really spells out that *anyone* can run for office

Is this a great country, or what?

Jesus hates liars Ann.

Jesus this woman…. Can she just go away now. It’s been such a long haul with her.

Now, Ann, this is a lie from the pits of hell where they are holding your place. There is no Democrat that supports abortion after birth. That’s murder. We support a woman’s right to make her medical care decisions with her doctor. Stahp!

You’re insufferable.

WTF is an abortion after the baby is born?

We get why you’ve never held a public town hall during your entire career as a Congresswoman.
Too busy tweeting inane garbage.

Either you’re a blatant liar and peddler of misinformation, you’re completely incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction, or just [batshit] crazy religious extremist- no matter the reason you tweeted this demented garbage you have zero business running anything anywhere ever.

You clearly don’t know the definition of abortion. Just wondering how familiar you are with female anatomy? Guessing not very.

ohh we’re saying this crazy shit outloud now i see

Lying again. If Democrats are so awful why do you have to make things up. Tell the truth Miss Bible verse, if you are able to.
Ann Wagner lies, her voting record does not.
MO-2 deserves better.

Such an ugly lie should be beneath you, the fact that it isn’t speaks volumes about your character

You’re an idiot Ann and you’re calling your followers idiots too.

That’s not a thing. There is no post birth abortion you loony toon.

What a maroon

That really isn’t a thing – post birth abortion. You know that, right? But maybe this is your desperate way of trying to get attention and leftover worship from Trump’s base? Or maybe you just are really willfully ignorant?