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A nurse is currently living rent-free inside of Eric Schmitt’s (r) head.

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

This morning:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
I’m proud to have led the country in the fight against Covid tyranny at all levels of government — fighting for parents, kids, small business owners and workers.

The Heiress Valentine is just another liberal Lockdown Queen.
9:44 AM · Aug 30, 2022

Eric Schmitt (r) left a group off his list:

Some of the reponses to Eric Schmitt (r):

I remember that time well.
My friends and neighbors were making small but important personal sacrifices for each other’s welfare.
And you were screaming “you can’t make me!”
I don’t vote for toddlers.

You have nothing to be proud of, you fought against parents, kids, & common sense. “Shame” that is the word for what you are feeling, it is the opposite of pride.

You have never lived under nor suffered real tyranny, though you try to invoke it over others. #JustMoreBullSchmitt

So explain to us how your logic works here Eric, because it doesn’t track in the real world where the rest of us are. @buschvalentine was not in office at the time of TFG’s lockdowns, but you were. You sued public schools while purposely omitting private schools. Why is that?

We remember.

You’re part of the reason why one million Americans have died from COVID, when we could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

My friend was one of those you helped kill. Go to hell.

COVID tyranny is funny way of saying “public health.”

I will support @buschvalentine all day and every day.

So many propaganda buzzwords in here!

You missed “woke” and “cancel culture,” though.

If you hit all six in one tweet, you earn a free swastika tattoo.

Eric Schmitt: making frivolous lawsuits great again

Does your disinformation campaign ever get old for you? It does for us [….]

You sued elementary schools to prevent kids from wearing masks, even as students were either dying from COVID, or getting long-covid symptoms. Not gonna elect a guy who sues kindergartners

Do… Do you mean public health?

Unlike you, she may actually care about the health of Missourians.

Yet you didn’t sue your children’s private school.

Do you know who the winner in the fight against “Covid tyranny” is? Death. And crippling illness. And grief. And loss. You are a ghoul.

7th highest Covid deaths per capita in the country, and that is for numbers actually reported. Some would argue your fight against public health was a failure. Not to mention the divisive politicization of a health emergency.

Lockdown Queen? What the f are you even talking about? You are the Wasteful Losing Lawsuit King

Do you know how many people I know that have died because of Covid-19? Too freaking many! I blame you and the other MAGA Republican fascists for those deaths! Are you going to waste Missouri taxpayer money to sue me for saying the truth?

So you wish more people had died from COVID19? Almost 22,000 Missourians dead wasn’t enough for you?

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].