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Tom Tomorrow.

Roy Blunt (r) [August 2022 file photo].

A few days ago:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
The Biden administration’s student loan plan is a one-two punch for hardworking Americans. It’s a handout for high-income college & advanced degree graduates paid for by taxpayers who had no part in taking out the loans.
1:24 PM · Aug 24, 2022

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
And, it will drive inflation up even further when families are already struggling w/ skyrocketing costs. The plan will also increase the cost of higher education, making it harder to pursue a degree.
1:24 PM · Aug 24, 2022

Some of the responses:

You didn’t complain when the very wealthy & corporations got a big tax cut under TFG or when Wall Street got bailed out. It’s not a student’s entire debt but also encourages those who benefit to go into public service ex. Help the teacher shortage!
Go cry somewhere else.

Roy, I’m an old woman who’s paid taxes for well over half a century. In recent years that money has subsidized Red states, farmers, PPP loans, a failed wall on the southern border, and paid your salary. I’m delighted with some going to student loan forgiveness.

Wrong and you know it, it’s lies.

It’s always interesting to me how republicans are very quick to criticize & blame but excruciatingly slow /inept/incapable at actually coming up with sensible viable plans to help the American people.
Unless there’s $$$ I it for you you could give a rats ass.

Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times. But OK Roy, you just keep being you.

This is a lie and you know it – cancelling debt means loans are not repaid. It does not change taxpayer payments. Your “handout”tax cuts for the rich and corporations cost more ($2.3 TRILLION vs $298 billion). Show me some truth!

I don’t know what universe you are in when those whose incomes are less than $125K are considered wealthy. Of course forgiving PPP ‘loans’ is totally cool. Then giving $2 trillion in tax breaks to the truly wealthy. Corporate bailouts? Sure. We can surely forgive student loans.

Pell Grant recipients and those earning under $125,000. a year are the only ones that will qualify for the program. If you had funded the Pell Grant program years ago, this program would not be necessary. Republicans don’t like to help the average Americans. Just the rich ones.

Most of the benefit will go to people earning under $75k/year.

You could retire with some dignity, you know. You don’t _have_ to exit the stage with dishonest attempts to make the lives of everyday Americans worse.

Heh. We talkin’ about the same Roy Blunt (r)?

You were totally against PPP loan forgiveness, right?

So misleading. Wish you had the courage to be honest with your constituents now that you aren’t running again. Surely, honesty isn’t going to cost you that high-powered lobbying job waiting for you in DC.

Well, actually…

You’re describing when you gave the richest people in the country massive tax cuts and the poorest got service cuts to balance it.

Do you not hear yourself talking anymore?

Go away Roy, you gave billions to you and your rich friends. I can’t wait until you are as irrelevant as John Danforth! #Missouri #GOPTaxScam #GOPHypocrisy

That one left a mark.

High income people who go to college don’t take out loans.

Roy: We all know if this were really and handout to those with high incomes you’d be claiming it was your idea.

And how many tax cuts for billionaires and corporations that pay zero taxes have you voted for over the years? Go away to your high paying lobbying jobs. You don’t care about working people.

I’m a teacher. In Missouri. I’m not “high income”

You’re just angry it’s not more tax cuts for billionaires which is the only thing you ever vote for

Roy what did you call the tax cut ghat you voted for and signed by Trump giving corporations and millionaires like yourself a tax cut without paying for it.

The tax cut of the last administration mainly benefitted the wealthiest. You supported that and that was monumentally unfair. As is your plans to dismantle social security. Too oft it seems your party ONLY caters to the rich and powerful and undercuts the poor and needy.

“The government is only allowed to forgive the debts of rich people. Everyone knows this. The GOP is dedicated to ensuring governmental relief only goes to people that don’t need it, and the plebes can go die in a ditch where they belong!”

— Roy Blunt, 2022

I’m surprised you took the time to remove your lips from trump’s a$$ to comment on this subject.

That’s a lie, and you know it, but you don’t care do you?

He never has.

Yet trump gave a massive and permanent tax cut to corporations and the super rich. Hypocrite much?

“Pay off your own debt!” says a generation of pundits that went to school when classes were $100 and the minimum wage could finance a mortgage on a 2-bedroom home.

For the love of Pete, who the hell do you think took out the loans trying to get better paying jobs, if not taxpayers, Roy?

You really must think people are very dumb.

He does.

Roy Blunt (r) [August 2022 file photo].