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Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo}.

This morning:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
US Senate candidate, MO
Joe Biden’s America:

A waitress working double shifts now has to pay for the student loans of the tenured college professor.

11:21 AM · Aug 25, 2022

Some of the responses:

Donald Trump’s America:

A waitress working double shifts had to pay for Republican’s wealthy donors’ tax breaks.

donald trump’s America:

Republicans taking PPP money and having their loans forgiven at the expense of the American taxpayer.


I mean… first off, you’re wrong about how this all works (which is scary considering you want to represent us in Congress) and even if you were right…

I’d rather do that than pay Missouri taxes for you to fritter away propping up your campaign with frivolous vanity lawsuits.

My taxes pay for the fire department that put out my neighbors house fire, I’m grateful; my taxes pay for the upkeep on widening our local roads and paving them, I’m grateful. You waste our tax dollars suing public schools while intentionally avoiding private schools, I’m pissed!

Better paying the professor than your frivolous lawsuits

If you gave a damn about the waitress you’d vote to raise the minimum wage to $15 and support her right to join a union. You’d guarantee affordable healthcare, child care and higher ed so she could enroll in the professor’s class and still afford basic necessities.

Now there you messed up Eric. See I was the kid working doubles to pay for college & afterwards paying down my student loans. If someone today gets a little farther ahead because of this great! Working folks aren’t against working folks, we’re against millionaire bigots like you!

Who knows? The waitress could be working double shifts to pay off student loans. Why should she have to work double shifts? The wages are too low. Also, why should she pay more in taxes when the donor class are receiving $2 trillion in tax breaks?

I don’t get your point.

Eric would rather have Chloe Kardashian get the $$ instead of the working class

The waitress working double shifts already bailed out GM, Chrysler, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. Corporate welfare is fine with you but helping the 40% of student loan holders who didn’t even graduate you’re against?

Or maybe…that waitress is working double shifts to pay off her student loans in order to make a better life for herself. Did that cross your mind?

Donald Trump’s America:

A waitress working double shifts now has to pay for the salaries of giant corporation executives.


We also pay your salary and that irks me greatly. You’re also not telling the truth, but we already know that about you.

Curious that you omit the fact that the waitress is working double shifts because she is not paid a living wage or we’re still suffering from TFG’s botched idea of a tax plan for the middle class [….]

How about what she had to kick in for for your frivolous lawsuits?

Lemme tell ya something.

I returned to school to be a teacher- and have tons of loans b/c of it. My 1st teaching job pd less than bartending F/T. And get this! Teacher pay is so low I had to CONTINUE bartending 2xs a wk for 10 yrs while teaching full time. TO PAY MY LOANS.

Says the guy who used our tax dollars to sue China for COVID and hoarding “life saving masks,” and then sued our school districts for having mask mandates.

Eric Schmitt’s Missouri. A waitress working double shifts has to pay TWICE for Eric Schmitt’s frivolous lawsuits: once for the AG’s office legal fees, and a second time for the legal fees of the school districts and local governments who have to defend against the suits.

Tax payers aren’t paying for this.

Most people affected have already paid tens of thousands in just interest payments toward their loans, the rest will still have years worth of interest to finish paying off.

Oh, and it’s likely the waitress was one who got that forgiveness.

What have you done to raise wages so that waitress doesn’t have to work double shifts?

A tenured college professor has already paid off their loans Eric. The waitress probably has student loans and no degree!

What’s yr policy for improving constituents lives. More frivolous lawsuits? Big Corp trickle drown?
CAFA farms for china? Yr state salary wasnt enuff?

Salus populi suprema lex esto.

Remember that you wanted to end the ACA and guarantee that waitress would never have health insurance.

No, her tax rates aren’t going up one cent. The real crime is that Billionaires got a tax cut under Trump, they should be paying more.

87% of debt cancellation benefits people who make less than $75k per year. The other 13% who will benefit make less than $125k per year.

Your party voted for a $1.9 trillion dollar tax cut for billionaires and corporations in 2017. Shut up.

So…. You’re not bothered by teachers being paid horrible wages or a waitress having ti work double shifts to make ends meet.
Just someone other than Rich people getting tax dollars???

Republican America: A waitress cannot have bodily autonomy and pays for tax breaks for the wealthy, PPP loan forgiveness and farmer subsides. She likely has student debt and is excited to not be anchored down to them anymore.

What did you do sir during your time in the Missouri legislature? Did you make sure Missouri Universities were funded to keep tuition low? Did you support higher minimum wages so students could help pay for school? As AG did you protect students from predatory loan servers?

But Republicans like Eric are just fine with that same waitress working double shifts to pay for forgiving PPP loan debt, or more tax cuts for corporations.

Lol. You are so embarrassing.

… just like the tenured professor had to pay for the double shift waitress’ public education. Unbelievable [….]

I was a single mother waitress working double shifts to try to avoid the unavoidable loans that are crippling and now I owe more than I took out despite 15+ years working in public service and years of $600 payments. Would love to explain how life works to you sometime

A retired teacher in MO has to pay for tax cuts for billionaires. Unreal.

Kind of like how my taxes pay the salaries of politicians who were okay with Trump trying to overthrow democracy. That’s how taxes work.

I imagine it must be fun to have no real plan, no real clue, no sense of empathy, and to just go through life #makingschmittup

As if you care about working people…

What makes you think that waitress doesn’t have student loans and is working double shifts to try to pay them off. My husband worked in restaurant for decades and he and many of his co-workers had college degrees, Mr. Man of the People.

that tenured professor just might be paying more federal taxes than that waitress and that waitress might be benefiting from some the professor’s tax dollars too. crazy how that works.

Eric, I’m sorry college didn’t work out for you. I can’t wait to save that money though and invest it into Chinese stocks.

OR , Joe Biden’s America:

A waitress working double shifts now has her student loans paid for.

Win for America

Lazy and vapid, even by your standards.

And that waitress working double shifts might actually have student loans but didn’t finish school. And that waitress working double shifts has to pay to make up for the taxes the richest 1% don’t pay.

#SchmittStain’s Missouri:

Missourians have to pay for our Attorney General’s political stunt lawsuits, which are just taxpayer-funded ads for his U.S. Senate campaign.

Unethical, but definitely very real.

But you didn’t care about the Trump tax cuts and corporate bailouts now, did ya?

Shut up, you fascist traitor.

No, they are paying the PPP loans for your rich buddies

If you actually cared about that waitress working a double shift, you’d vote to increase the minimum wage.


Only an elitist like you would assume the waitress didn’t have any student debt.

Is this your whole campaign strategy? Take queues from the media environment and stand for nothing?

Yes. This has been another edition of Short answers to simple questions.

My niece is a waitress. She has a BA and $24k in student loans and was a Pell grant recipient. She’s saving up to get her MA and become a teacher. Forgiveness of that $20k is life-changing for her. There are millions of others in similar positions.

Why do you hate education and educators SO MUCH? This tweet insinuates that professors are wealthy elites sponging off of the working class. Your transparent desire to villainize educators is sickening, especially since you benefitted from a good deal of high-quality education.

And you want to keep her pay low.
Waitresses go to college, you classist bozo.

What an asshole.