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“…Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…” Claire McCaskill (D) – August 17, 2017

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Joe Biden at it again, abusing his power to put working people on the hook for billions in college debt. It’s unfair to millions who played by the rules – and to millions more who don’t want to subsidize wacky professors teaching men can get pregnant
3:50 PM · Aug 24, 2022

As always with Josh Hawley (r) there is much hilarity in the responses:

This applies to you, @HawleyMO [sic] :

“You literally canceled $1,900,000,000,000
in tax cuts for the rich.
You should sit this one out.”

We see what you did there.

You mean the working people…who went to college? Are we pretending people who went to college don’t now work? How stupid are you?

Dude. You went to Stanford. I went to Stanford. Every student from a family earning less than $150K gets a full ride. What the actual fvck are you talking about?

Josh Hawley, I paid off my student loans, and I’m really happy to see that Biden will forgive $10,000 of student loans. It won’t help me, but it’s a smart investment in the future of the country.

Your own constituents struggle with college debt: educators, nurses, and social workers.

Do you not care about those of us who want to better our communities, but require college education to do so?

How much was your college debt?

How many wacky professors are teaching men can get pregnant?

How many U.S. Senators claim Joe Biden’s election was the result of not playing by the rules?

Oh dear, young man.
Why are you so angry?
You DO NOT speak for my middle class values.

But you were ok with trump putting all Americans on the hook to pay for the tax cuts to the 1% right?

You had no problem with taxpayers paying for Trump’s golf trips to his own properties, charging the USSS for the rooms they used, the food they ate, and use of golf carts at a higher rate than other guests. Hypocrite.

Did… did you actually read this before you posted it? I thought you were college educated….

Of course, many students have this debt because your party has been defunding public universities for quite some time.


How about all the corporations who get tax breaks? Is it fair to the ones that don’t, or to the people that subsidize it? I eagerly await your response.

What’s not fair are usurious student loans that compound monthly, making them virtually impossible to pay off. If Republicans in Congress would stop blocking banking reform, we could change this. Until then, forgiving these loans for people earning less than $125K/year is fair.

Nonsense anybody older than 50 went to school when the government subsidized 75% of tuition costs. Ronald Reagan eliminated that and he also cut back on how easy it was to get Pell Grants and cut back on getting direct government loans pushing people into banks if they wanted to

Josh, your private high school costs $15,000/year. Did your family take out loans to pay for that? What’s that? No? Ahh, I see how it is.

Did your family take out loans for Stanford ($56k/year)?

How about Yale Law School ($60k/year)? Did you incur any debt at all?

Oh just stop. I paid mine off… but the interest rate was low (1.5%). It’s not the same thing. These kids are making their payments, paying back more than they borrowed and end up with a balance that is 2x what they borrowed. This isn’t a loan, it’s indentured servitude.

How pathetic of you. It’s hard out there for people. The predatory terms of these loans traps people in poverty. Keep running your mouth just like you run for your life down the halls of the Capitol.

Why do you assume that this isn’t helping working people, Josh? Is it because you spend so much time making sure rich people & corporations get all the breaks that you’re out of touch with working class people in the state you “represent” but can’t be bothered to live in?

You are a laughingstock.

I am thrilled if some of my taxes go to cancelling student debt. I feel I’ve been blessed, and I should share the wealth with those NOT so blessed. Why don’t YOU feel that way?

Why do Republicans hate higher education so much?

The people with student loan debt did, “play by the rules” – they worked hard and went to college. They probably worked summers and part times jobs during the school year, too. This is something coming from a YALE and STANFORD graduate.

No rich guy, this is going to help working folks. Perhaps a better investment than the $1.5 trillion in breaks you gave corporate America.

Surprised you can text and run at the same time.

Hey Josh. Missouri voter here. I’ve never voted for you and I never will. My son & d-in-law will benefit from this. Do you know what will happen to the money they save from this? Build a home, buy a car, pay for their child’s education. It all gets reinvested into the economy.

Is this where I get to decide which government programs I don’t want to pay for because they don’t benefit me personally? Cuz I got a list.

by rules you mean wealthy parents? a trust fund? good enough mental and physical health to work 2 jobs? willingness to forgo healthcare to pay for school? No need for childcare? Because those are the rules that allow people to get higher education and not go into debt.

I’m a parent who helped 3 children get through college w/no loans. Our family made choices and sacrifices to do that. I LOVE this! I wish Biden’s plans went further. What happened to our sense of community? Is your entire philosophy, “What’s in it for me?”

Missourian here. Next tweet about how working people are on the hook for billionaire tax breaks.

And on and on…