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Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
Missourians know how to balance their budget – the federal government should too.
9:07 AM · Apr 28, 2022

Show us you don’t really know much about social media without telling us you don’t know much about social media.

There is hilarity in the responses:

So you regret your vote to give billionaires a tax cut?

Says the woman who voted to blow up the deficit.

I was on a tele-town hall with you when you said the reason you ran for office originally was because you thought the Democrats were being fiscally irresponsible. Then you voted for the Trump tax scam.

You weren’t worried about balancing the budget when you gave big tax cuts to the ultra rich and corporations.

They know how to underfund public education too. Should the feds do that as well? 49 state fund education and teacher salaries better than MO.

There’s that.

Tip O’Neill used to have a great retort when Reagan would call for a balance budget amendment. He would say if President Reagan wanted a balanced budget, he should just send one up. What could possibly be the response to that putdown?

Y’all made this mess. We clean it up. Every time.

Easy for you to say that while you’re out of power. Wasn’t so easy for you to vote that way from 2016-2020 though.

Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency from 2016–2018 and did not balance the budget. Why not?

So sick of the constant whining with no actual plans or policies put forward. Last I heard you voted to blow up the budget with the trump tax cuts for the wealthy.

Aren’t you the federal government? Haven’t you been the federal government for a while?


Someone tell Ann we’re roasting her over here. Does her social team even look back at the crap they tweet?

Evidently not.

You have room to talk. You voted for a tax reform bill that added trillions $ to the national debt with absolutely no way to pay for it. #Hypocrite

Republicans like @annlwagner only care about the federal deficit when a Democrat is in the WH. They look the other way when a Republican is in office. The hypocrisy is stunning!

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