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Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
CRT doesn’t belong in the classroom.
8:16 PM · Apr 12, 2022

There is much hilarity in the responses:

Racism doesn’t belong in a classroom.

CRT belongs in the advanced law classrooms it is taught in where people are being trained to recognized racist systems and work to make the world a better, more equitable place.

It isn’t. Find one example of CRT (that means critical race theory in case you didn’t know, and refers to graduate/law school level courses) being taught in an elementary or high school. Talking about race/diversity is not CRT.

And neither does Q, Ann. Neither does Q.

Please explain what CRT is and in what classroom is it being taught?

What is CRT? As a former MO educator, I’ve never heard this phrase during my education program or public school classroom experience. Please provide further details.

Explain CRT to us Ann. Go ahead.

The cathode ray tube is an important part of our technological history. Denying the existence of this masterpiece is criminal in and of itself.

Well, they did have to strap those big sets on those audio/visual carts. And even then it was so top heavy that it would easily tip over. Big safety issue.

It’s never been in a classroom, unless it’s a graduate law school classroom.

What made you like this Ann?

It’s a requirement to be in the modern republican party.

Who the hell is in charge of your social media, Ann?? @Eric_Schmitt??

Heh. We see what you did there.

What classroom is CRT in, Ann? Give me a name.

Neither does GOP propaganda, Ann. Stop with the divisive dog whistle narratives.

Cool, it isn’t being taught in the classrooms so we’re good then.

This is lazy, even for you.

It’s not in the classroom you dim bulb. It’s an elective in law school.

Confederate-ass John Birch Society bullshit doesn’t belong in the classroom.

Your bigotry doesn’t really belong anywhere.

And while you’re at it, define CRT. I highly doubt you even know what it is.