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What an insufferable, albeit consistent, gasbag.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Moment of truth for Joe Biden. Will this deeply unpopular & divisive president finally reject the radical elements of his party and nominate someone who loves America and believes in the Constitution? Or will he continue to tear apart this country w/ a woke activist?
12:05 PM · Jan 26, 2022

So, the opposite of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett then?

There is much hilarity in the responses:

Bro. You legit voted to put jurists on courts—with a lifetime appointment—who failed to receive a “well-qualified” rating from the ABA.

You chose your path. You will never be SCOTUS or POTUS.

Instead, you will always be the arrogant boy from Lexington who committed treason.

What’s that you say about believing in the Constitution?

Lol, “deeply unpopular”…

Still polls higher than Trump.

How is this not a parody account?

He’s going to nominate a Black woman, so we all know you’re going to viciously smear the hell out of her no matter what.

Go fuck yourself

He has promised to nominate America’s first black female justice of the SCOTUS. Any problem with that, Josh?

Is “Woke Activist” the new term for Woman of Color? Black? Or is it anyone not part of your little clique at The Federalist Society looking to take the Constitution back to its “origins” which, if I remember correctly, gave rights only to property-owning /tax-paying white men.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say it doesn’t matter who he nominates, you will still vote against the nominee, even it was Jesus himself.

Do you know the definition of woke? Do you know where it came from in the context you are trying to use it? If so, you’re using it incorrectly. Biden will appoint someone who will uphold constitutional rights for EVERYONE, not just the white ‘masculine’ (sic) men.

Remember Jan 6 2021? Guess not

Say it more clearly. You think a black woman justice–as our President has publicly stated he’s considering–could not, by definition, love America? or uphold the Constitution?
Why would you think that?

Insurrectionist says what about loving America?

Radical element projects what?

He should start by explaining why he ran in a state he doesn’t live in

Speaking of rejecting radical elements, this you on Jan 6th?

27 days

I bet one trillion dollars the person he nominates will not have incited an insurrection on our Capitol, what say you Josh

But the constitution…

Man, it’s painfully obvious that you’ve gone all in on this GQP shit and you just tweet word salad. You’re too far gone, bud.

Merrick Garland enters the chat, you remember him right?

I vote for a “woke activist.”

I live in Missouri…you don’t…take a seat!

LOL you said “truth”

Well he ain’t pickin’ you brah.

“Deeply unpopular and divisive” – got a mirror?

Those who believe in the Constitution did not condone or encourage the invasion of Congress on January 6th.

So how should we treat people who were involved in a insurrection? Asking for a friend.

The amount of gaslighting and projection in this post is so telling…[….]

Bless your heart.


You’re such an unbelievable dork.

I think he polls higher than you.

Joe Biden (D) is living rent free in Josh Hawley’s head.

Joe Biden (D) [2020 fi