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Josh Hawley@HawleyMO
Very presidential
4:47 PM · Jan 24, 2022

Much hilarity transpires:

Didn’t you vote for the “grab them by the pussy” guy or did I get that wrong?

It’s not like he made a clenched fist/solidarity sign to Capitol rioters.

He’s not wrong. And your guy did this daily for four years.

Can you please direct me to your tweets criticizing Trump for the language he used in office or how he treated reporters?

I don’t remember you having a problem when Trump described the press as being the enemy of the people and called rivals scum.

Josh misses the president that bragged about sexual assault and planned a violent coup

Havent seen you round these parts much lately. How is Virginia?

Give me a break. Remember the former guy and the things he said? Don’t be so hypocritical.

Dear Mr. Hawley. You should be very familiar with the phrase you are referring to. I’m sure you have heard it many many times. I often describe you with the exact same phrase. When using the phrase to describe anyone from @FoxNews, it is totally appropriate.

I mean…. He isn’t wrong. He could say the same of you.

It’s a lot more presidential than inciting an insurrection.[….]

I think he should call another press conference just to repeat himself!

He was absolutely correct in that assessment, after all.

I’m surprised you’ve still got pearls left to clutch, figured they’d all have disintegrated from overuse


Don’t worry Joshy you’ll never have to worry about being Presidential


Honesty is the best policy. Try it sometime.

Clutch those pearls, Josh. [….]

Sometimes you just have to state the obvious.

And yet again this isn’t going the way you thought it would.


“Because that’s where the money is” (January 24, 2022)