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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

Last night, from Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (r):

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The last variant is communism.
8:47 PM · Dec 13, 2021

Some of the responses:

At what point do you sell your soul to the devil to get that Senate seat? Another month or two? Because man, this is some desperate stuff.

He’s long since passed that point.

You need a new comms team. Utter silliness.

You can’t blame the shit on the lackeys.


Welp, I’m convinced. No booster shot for me if that means I finally get the communism I have always wanted.

You do realize you are embarrassing yourself, right?


I encourage professional counseling.

Check your paper towels, I think you’re too chafed.

You have no idea what communism is. You don’t even know what truth is.

This must be what everyone is talking about when they say behind closed doors you tell them that after the election, you’ll return to being the moderate used to be. It’s incredible what some people will do just to get power.

Assumes facts not in evidence.

Wow…you’re late to the game. Even my gun-nut far right batshit crazy cousin shared that statement on social media almost two weeks ago. Keep peddling your pseudoscience fear. Killing off and permanently disabling your voter base is quite the campaign strategy.

The last variant is the one you allow to run rampant in Missouri [….]

You’re just gonna yell “communism” and “socialism” too, huh?

Is this what all the losers tweet?

Low effort tweet.

Low effort everything.

Is this “communism” in the room with you now, Mr. Schmitt?

You’re an idiot.

I’m assuming you have a college degree and a law degree so why are you such a fucking moron?

Seek help! You are totally delusional.

Measures to help in a public health crisis isn’t communism. You’re an idiot.

The Republican Variant is fucking willful ignorance.

Moron. [….]


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