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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

Last night:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Covid tyrants are selling fear to be your savior.

WE THE PEOPLE have had enough. We want our country back.[….]
7:30 PM · Nov 29, 2021

“Covid tyrants are selling fear to be your savior…”

Eric Schmitt (r) became self-aware shortly before 7:30 p.m. Central on November 29, 2021. Then, it quickly faded.

Some of the responses:

I had no idea that Missourians want more filled hospitals, more sickness, and more deaths.

This Missourian does not a return to that. Why are you calling for that?

Covid deniers are selling death to win a primary. You keep killing your voters, we’re going to get our state back. [….]

15,458 Missourians have died from COVID. That’s larger than the population of your hometown of Bridgeton.

Dude, you’ve been in one elected office or another for 12 years. If there’s a problem, you’re it.

Don’t you mean “We want our Covid back”? You seem to be playing on the Delta/Omicron team. [….]

“COVID tyrant,” says the guy complaining about fear mongering. [….]

Covid opportunists are selling deadly anti-science hogwash for political gain.
They use terms like “WE THE PEOPLE” and wanting “our country back” tribally, dividing a nation that has lost 750,000 souls.
They use flags for punctuation, but peddle selfishness over citizenship.

You ok man? I think you hit the party line fearmongering talking points pipe a lil too hard here hoss…

You want our country back to pre vaccine covid? Back to lock downs and closed schools? Back to massive unemployment? You’re killing your constituents by peddling selfishness over responsibility to one’s family, neighbors and community.

You’re the only one selling fear Eric. Without it, you have no platform of your own. You fear the end of the pandemic as it will reveal just how useless you and the GQP are.

The sewer you crawled out of wants you back…its fresh out of bottom-feeders.

There you go.