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Last night:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Hearing this Brandon guy is getting a lot of attention.

Get your merch today and support the cause. #LetsGoBrandon #LGB
9:06 PM · Nov 15, 2021

He never did get out of junior high school.

Some of the responses:

Why are you like this

See above.

Go on, say it. Be a man. Decipher it. Shout you profanities before your voters. Before your children. Before your god.

That’s the thing. They’re not quite brave enough to say it. Why not? We all know what they’re implying. So just go ahead and say it @Eric_Schmitt if you’re brave enough.

Not even hiding the grift.

There’s that, too.


Another perfect example of even stupid people can be elected

I guess some Democrats are outraged by this weird meme, but as “fuck Joe Biden” is really the only plank of your campaign platform, you should probably just say it. You’re going to confuse people.

You truly are a little man.

What’s the secret code for Fuck Eric Schmitt? I mean, I’m not too much of a pussy to say the real thing.

Grow up.

Your character, or lack of character is on display. This kind of behavior from our elected official is disturbing and illuminates how unfit you are for the position you hold.

You’re so pathetically desperate.

Disgusting to see someone sell himself in this manner.

Jesus so unoriginal can’t even come up with your own tag line or a winning lawsuit. Missouri can do better than this worthless garbage

You are fucking pathetic, I’m embarrassed for your family

Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].