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Gimmick of the week.

Josh Hawley [2016 file photo].

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce


Josh Hawley
Parents’ Bill of Rights is needed to combat Left’s indoctrination of students
10:17 AM · Nov 15, 2021

Just a few of the comments:

I wish you took school shootings this seriously.

Gotta protect Grandma’s right to keep her grandkids from finding out what which side she was on in the 60s

What in the world are you talking about? My #Missouri teachers taught me about Laura Ingalls Wilder.

If Josh lived in Missouri he probably would know that.

Or not. The knowing part.

Josh, can you please share a list of actual obstacles preventing me from engaging with my child’s school district’s teachers, administrators and staff?

I am really tired of your lies. I am a public school teacher. Come to my classroom, I am more concerned with getting students to read and write proficiently. Who has time to indoctrinate?

It’s projection. Josh Hawley (r) wants indoctrination.

Funny, I don’t have a problem engaging with my school district. Of course I don’t feel the need to threaten the school board members, the faculty or the superintendent either. Maybe your groupies should learn to have conversations instead of using threats of violence.

Teaching America’s uncomfortable truths is not indoctrination.

Ridiculous. If you want to white-up & man-up history, don’t do it at my kid’s expense. I want my kids to know what really happened, ESPECIALLY the bad stuff, so it doesn’t happen again. Are you trying to hide past discrimination so you can introduce it again? Or burn some books?

Well, not his book.

Your attack on edu is just another subversive effort to dismantle edu (for control, obviously)
Good parenting should go a long way in buffering children from whatever they may encounter outside the house, where ever they may encounter it. So just step up your parenting game.

Yes- history and science are so scary. People who don’t learn those things are what is wrong with this country

Please produce a single set of CRT curriculum materials.

Sir, if you could get the parents interested in their children’s education that would be great.
Every Teacher in the Country

Show us on the doll where information hurt you, Josh.

Why don’t you introduce a bill to combat insurrections on the Capitol?

This is all in your head. It’s a false narrative. Meanwhile, billions of dollars are headed to Missouri to improve our infrastructure.

The stuff he didn’t vote for?

[….] Should Arabic Numerals be taught in school?


We can hardly get kids to write their names on their papers. This whole thing is ridiculous and one more insult to educators everywhere

Don’t forget to include our right not to be abducted by space aliens. Also, I think green leafy vegetables should be outlawed.

So..education is indoctrination…wow

When you’re afraid of school education, maybe it’s you that’s out of touch?

Parents already have these rights. They just have to care enough to ask.


Apparently, it’s not considered indoctrination when schools ONLY teach subjects that conservatives like Hawley want taught in schools.[….]

Bashing teachers didn’t work. Mandatory testing didn’t work. How else will the Republicans privatize schools and collect the cash?

Stay tuned.

Teaching facts and the truth about our history isn’t indoctrination. You always accuse others of the things you’re doing yourself. Attempting to restrict education is the real indoctrination and that’s exactly what you’re trying to do. We see through your lies.

Josh, get positively bent.

Only in crazy GQP land is learning science, history and math considered “indoctrination”.

You sink lower all the time. How can you look in the mirror at yourself?


Politicizing Parenting is a losing proposition and smacks of desperation! I’m guessing that your previous attempt to make “Masculinity” your platform failed! Now onto the next thing to become relevant.

Fear Mongering hatriot spreads more lies.

It’s in his nature.