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He’s on a roll.

Tin foil.

Last night, from the U.S. Representative for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District:

Jason Smith @JasonSmithMO
The Biden administration wants to knock down your door KGB-style to force people to get vaccinated. We must oppose forced vaccination!
7:43 PM · Jul 17, 2021

Some of the responses:

Your aide told me on the phone on January 5th that you following the will of the people was “just my opinion”.

Most of the responses are about what a horrible dishonest thing to say to perpetuate a mentality literally killing my fellow Missourians right now.

But on a different note, the KGB never did door to door vaccinations back in the old USSR, not sure where Jason picked that up.

He picked it up right out of his butt

This is a dishonest tweet and is contributing to deaths

They got me walking out my front door on my way to work with one of those net launchers, held me down and gave me the shot. The whole thing was actually very humane.

This kind of rhetoric is not helpful as we seek to counter the rise in Delta COVID-19 cases in Missouri. Vaccinations save lives and must remain nonpartisan; please don’t politicize public health.

Too late.

Can Republicans make a point without lying? Could you even try?

No. No. This has been another edition of short answers to simple questions.

This is so horrible and not true. I hate that you feel you need to propagate this type of message. Power, prestige whatever it is you are seeking is not worth this. I pray you find your way back to truth and common sense.

He can’t go back to a place he’s never been.

This you?

He’s a dumbass.

No, they want to send local community members door to door to speak with their neighbors about the vaccines that are available for free, why getting vaccinated is important, and dispel the misinformation you—a sitting congressman—is spewing into the wind. You should be ashamed.

You know, you could actually be a force for good in American lives if you talked about real things instead of made-up ones.

Is it worth it? Really?

How misleading…. From the guy who represents the district with THE MOST Covid cases at this time, one would think you’d have the decency to recommend vaccinations. But no…. You’d rather let the virus take a toll on your constituents.

And he’s vaccinated himself.

You’ve never answered what you did at the insurrection. We have a picture of you there.

OK. Even assuming that was true (which it absolutely is not) now tell me how many ICU beds are currently available in your district? And how many new cases of COVID in the last week? And of those how many are the Delta variant? What are you doing to oppose THAT?

We must oppose something that isn’t happening so I can win my primary even if it kills all my constituents!!!

If you have to lie to gain political points then you have no point

No they don’t. And you’re already vaccinated

Sir, honest question, is this kind of stuff worth a $174k a year job?

You know this isn’t true. So why say it?

You lie and are a disgrace. Period.

This is a lie. Missouri is a hotbed of illness that’s preventable with a simple vaccine. You are getting people killed you seditious weasel.

It must be wonderful to live in a state where I don’t have to wear a mask, get a vaccine, or really do any critical thinking. I also have the right to watch my neighbors and loved ones gasp their final breaths.


You are a liar, and you are putting your constituents’ lives at risk

This is patently untrue. Our health care workers need support – not blatant lies.

This is, of course, bullshit.

Covid levels hitting winter highs and more in your state, and you tweet this?

It’s kind of cute that you think the KGB does door-to-door vaccinations

“Make America Great Again” – in Russian.

After that we will force you to look at our fabric swatches and paint cards to choose new window treatments and tasteful color palettes for your walls and funiture.

And they’re really going to go high pressure on the extended warranty for your car.

Wait, is this a parody account?

Sadly, no.

Honestly that kinda sounds badass

That’s not remotely true, but you know that.

The Biden administration wants to take away your birthday cake and ponies! We must oppose pony theft!

And they’ll take your Bibles, too!

I heard the Biden administration is secretly working on an executive order to go door-to-door giving all registered Republicans forced government enemas, can you comment on this?

And on and on…


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