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On March 2, 2021:

Republican Women’s Club hosts candidate forum for JCCHS board candidates
Megan Jaeger

Megan Jaeger introduced herself as a Christian, a homeschooling mother of two, a wife to a military member, the owner of a farm north of Warrensburg and was previously a physical education teacher. She is also a member of Johnson County Freedom Keepers, which hosted an anti-mask protest in front of JCCHS last year.

Jaeger said she decided to run for the position after she made public comments during JCCHS board meetings over the last year. She said her questions were dismissed and board members told her that she was misinformed about mask safety. Jaeger said she never received responses to emails made to JCCHS regarding COVID-19.

Jaeger said she also decided to run because parents and educators she spoke to felt their voices were not being heard by the board.

Jaeger said she believes the role of the health department is to inform citizens and allow citizens to make their own decisions. She claimed that implementing a mask mandate is “overreach” and stated she would not support actions violating human rights or body autonomy.

Jaeger said she believes the JCCHS board lacked transparency. When prompted by an attendee, she said if elected, she would provide her email and phone number to the public.

Megan Jaeger was elected to the Johnson County [Missouri] Community Health Services Board of Trustees.

And what did anyone expect?:

Chris Prener @chrisprener
Wow… Johnson County’s local health board contains a newly elected anti-vaxx member. Missouri has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the nation. Local public health officials poisoning the well does nothing to help us.
8:00 AM · Jul 12, 2021

Some of the comments:

Michael Bersin There was a candidate who was highly qualified and didn’t even come close – a retired nurse practitioner who had served as a commissioned officer in the Public Health Service.
Those who didn’t vote in the election got the board member they deserved. Everyone else suffers.

These folks frustrate me to no end. She just has “questions” but no answers. Uh huh. So what’s her big idea to solve the pandemic? Still waiting on an answer.
(sorry for the language, i am running out of patience with these folks around here) [….]

What I find continually ironic is that when those opposed to the vaccine become get COVID, they trust healthcare workers to use science to treat them-& through their ignorance they put those people at risk. The levels of ignorance, entitlement and selfishness are so frustrating.

How does someone like this get elected to anything.

Whoever wrote this article [Fox News] kind of sucks, given that they presented her idiotic viewpoint pretty much as an “equal” to the reality… When it’s not even close to reality. Irresponsible journalism

Well, it’s Fox. But she’s popular on Facebook, around here, in Warrensburg. Sadly.

That doesn’t surprise me at all… I’m sitting right on the Cass/Johnson County line… 90% of the people around here appear to have been turned into deranged cultists over the last year or so and that’s just all there is to it.

On July 7, 2021:

Megan Jaeger for JoCoMo Health Board
July 7 at 4:25 PM ·
Keep the feds out of our county.

Uh, Whiteman Air Force Base, anyone?

The responses are priceless:

States routinely accept federal monies and resources e.g. roads, highways, bridges and flood relief. Why should you oppose federal assistance to help Missouri residence get the vaccine if they want to be vaccinated?

It is one thing to be Antivax and it is another to push your belief on others. If your science is so good, why would you stop the information about the “other side” informed choice

Megan Jaeger for JoCoMo Health Board It’s not about censoring information. It’s about government overreach.
Why are they censoring the science?

Uh, who is “they”?

Megan was elected because she represents the views we already have here in Johnson county. She’s not pushing us. We decided against getting the vaccine all by ourselves.

Disinformation is not helpful. Missouri is in crisis and you make it worse.

Please resign I see you have 0 education or credentials to backup your positions

Megan Jaeger for JoCoMo Health Board The board is voted in by the people. The community spoke.

Apparently, by attitude and ego, it was by 15,000 votes?

what is the purpose of the feds? I’m needing an update please!

Uh, universal mail service, for starters.

Everyone needs to put up a no trespassing signs immediately. They better not show up here

Doesn’t want universal mail service?

Looks like you enjoy watching COVID spread and kill people. Don’t think you’d make a good member of the health board, sorry.

Megan Jaeger for JoCoMo Health Board Did you vote in the April election?

Uh, the job is to serve the entire population, not just the millions who voted for you in a landslide.

Megan Jaeger for JoCoMo Health Board Who determines misinformation? If it can be backed by facts, it isn’t misinformation. You claim I don’t care about health because we abstain from vaccines, that claim is misinformation. Our personal choice to not participate in this medical procedure began when members of our family suffered severe reactions.

The plural of anecdote is not data.

Megan Jaeger for JoCoMo Health Board I’m not advising against vaccination. I’m encouraging everyone to do their due diligence. I share information for informed consent.

“I’m not advising against vaccination….” Yes, you are.

You obviously care not a whit for the health and well being of others, or you’d be promoting masking and vaccines.

Why did you have to get the media involved?? That seems to be the trend now days, whatever it takes to get attention. If you’re not an “anti-vaxer” and want others to make decisions for themselves, why did you go as far to reach out to the media to be interviewed on a KC news station? That’s a bit extreme and seems as if you’re taking such an avenue to shove your beliefs down others throats. Also, I’d really like to know your background – what medical training do you have other than googling and sharing articles that you agree with?
Yes, I’m a nurse. Yes, there is a certain vaccine I did not have my daughters get due to my firsthand knowledge of adverse reactions. But that does not make me label ALL vaccines as bad. I am a recent leukemia survivor and had a bone marrow transplant whose immunity is still low and I received the COVID vaccine. Thankfully my body developed antibodies to COVID thanks to the vaccine. Does that mean I’m 100% safe? Absolutely not, but it makes me feel much more safe.

Megan Jaeger for JoCoMo Health Board I was contacted by Linda Wagar last week. I’m just as surprised as you that a KC news station would care what I think. Please don’t assume you know why we abstain from vaccines. I shared more about the interview Wednesday.

Ah, yes, that little known Federal law requiring people to talk to the press and exhibit their foolishness while doing so.

lol, lol, more hillbillies gonna croak from covid!

Unfortunately so, especially when simple actions could save lives.

This is what we face as a state and nation, and why we can’t have nice things.

Here we are.

Get vaccinated.

Wear a damn mask.


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