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We’re getting a massive traffic spike from this, posted this morning:

This morning in Springfield, Missouri (July 11, 2021)

A hospital administrator in Springfield, Missouri enumerated, via social media, the severity of the increase of admissions due to the COVID-19 surge. The math isn’t good.

Invariably when a traffic spike like this occurs we get comments, some from right wingnut trolls. If you’ve ever been around here before you’d notice we don’t get a lot of comments. That’s mostly because we’re normally only read by dozens of people. So many that even international spammers don’t bother us with investment solicitations or prescription advice anymore. Sadly, when we get a massive traffic spike it predicts the return of those spammers. Not to worry too much. Our system filters those out for the most part.

We also had the foresight to set our comment default to “moderation” when we moved to this platform. This means that a comment doesn’t get posted unless we approve it. Generally, we approve relevant comments. We save all the violence and death threats, but don’t publish them (really, there haven’t been that many). By the way, when you post a comment we also get your email and IP addresses.

This afternoon we received a trolling comment, held in moderation. We’re not going to allow it go up with the post, but it is such a perfect example of right wingnut talking points and willful ignorance that we’re presenting it here. This is what we face as a state and nation, and why we can’t have nice things:

Your people are in denial to be honest with you they don’t have a testing process that is full proof we have more false positives than anything besides let’s talk about what incentive the medical community has to follow the push of the government they get paid extra if they flag it person as covid positive. This is gotten out of control and to be honest with you the taxpayers are tired of the medical community only being concerned with money in their pocket this is all bullshit

So, here we are.

Get vaccinated.

Wear a damn mask.